May 22, 2024

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Lena already considers Arthur surrounded by a wall

Lena already considers Arthur surrounded by a wall

Everything indicates that Linn da Quebrada does indeed have a goal for the next wall.”BBB 22″ (TV Globo): Arthur Aguiar. While speaking to Jessi, Eslovênia, Natália and Lucas, the commander actually placed the actor’s avatar on the tactical table wall area.

And he knows it [que está na reta]Because when Lina arrived, boss, he changed completely Jisselan pointed

Lena agrees and comments: “I think it would be so boring for me to nominate one of the boys, that it would be so incoherent for the audience to see all this, don’t you think? After such a beautiful gesture, it’s like a stab in the back.”

Natalia agrees and says: “This is completely out of the question, is it?”

Last week, Arthur announced it too Lin da Quibrada was his next target..

Who will Chief Lina appoint to the wall?



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