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Lira defends the resignation of Petrobras president - 06/17/2022 - Mercado

Lira defends the resignation of Petrobras president – 06/17/2022 – Mercado

The chamber’s president, Representative Arthur Lyra (PP-AL), told bound To “go to your” to “review all” fuel prices. He also defended the resignation of Petrobras’ president, Jose Mauro Ferreira Coelho, and said he would work to tax the oil company’s profits.

Later, in an interview with Globo News, Lyra defended “Petrobras taxes for ridiculous profits”. He did not elaborate on a proposal to tax the earnings, but other countries have discussed taxing the extraordinary profits of oil companies arising from the global increase in fuel prices.

“I called Zee Mauro [presidente da Petrobras] yesterday [quinta, 16]. I asked him not to give a raise, [disse]: “You are working against, something else is expected of Petrobras”; And I said I would do a job to get him fired, I would propose with the government taxing Petrobras’ profits. he is [respondeu]: ‘Not quite, is the advice [de administração]Lyra said.

Lira also stated that José Mauro is “messing around” and that increasing genres is “ridiculous”.

“We will see what we can do in the legislation to review pricing policies, PPI [Preço de Paridade Internacional] And go up, surcharge and go straight to the vein,” he said.

The Petrobras Friday (17) announced a 5.2% adjustment in Gasoline price and 14.2% in the price of diesel, claiming that the oil market has undergone a structural change and that it is necessary to seek convergence with world prices.

After 99 days without increases, the average price of gasoline at state-owned refineries will rise from R$ 3.86 to R$ 4.06 per liter. The price of diesel will increase from 4.91 reais to 5.61 reais per liter. The last edit was made 39 days ago.

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Lira said on social media after the amendment that Jose Mauro was working against Brazil and defended his resignation.

Lira wrote: “The president of Petrobras must resign immediately. Not because of my personal will, but because he does not represent the largest shareholder of the company – Brazil – and worse, he is working systematically against the Brazilian people in the worst crisis for the country.” Twitter.

Lyra also said that the Petrobras boss represents only himself and what he does will leave a legacy of destruction for the company. “Get out! Because your administration is an act of corporate terrorism,” he added.

On Thursday (16) the company’s board of directors convened Reject the government’s request to avoid readjustment, arguing that defining prices is the responsibility of the Executive Council. The meeting was held at the request of Chief of Staff Ciro Nogueira.

The meeting was a last-ditch maneuver by the government to try to avoid an increase amid efforts to pass a package of measures to try to lower prices, which, According to President Jair Bolsonaro (PL)can reduce gasoline and diesel prices by R$2 and R$1 per liter, respectively.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) resumed, in Friday morning (17) criticism of Petrobras The company “could plunge Brazil into chaos,” he said.

“The federal government, as a shareholder, opposes any adjustment to the fuel, not only because of Petrobras’ exaggerated profits in the midst of the global crisis, but also because of the public interest enshrined in the State-Owned Enterprise Act,” Bolsonaro wrote on his social media.

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“Petrobras can plunge Brazil into chaos. Its president, directors and advisors are well aware of what happened with the truck drivers’ strike in 2018, the dire consequences for Brazil’s economy and the lives of our people.”

Even on Thursday night Bolsonaro had already leveled criticism at Petrobras.

Bolsonaro said during his weekly broadcast on the air that the new adjustment by the oil company in the price of fuel would have a “political interest to reach the federal government.”