February 24, 2024

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Vale (VALE3) is a perpetual buy-and-fall that makes stocks more attractive, says analyst - Money Times

Vale (VALE3) is a perpetual buy-and-fall that makes stocks more attractive, says analyst – Money Times

With so much weight in the stock market, commodities were the main villains on the trading floor (Photo: Diana Cheng/Money Times)

a Ibovespa (IBOV) fell 2.9% and lost the psychological barrier of 100,000 points, returning to November 2020 levels.

As in a plane crash, the cause of the “disaster” was not driven by a single factor, but rather by negative news ranging from a greater risk of recession in the United State For options to expire in Brazil.

With so much weight in the stock market, commodities were the main villains on the trading floor. One of the five largest waterfalls in the world Ibovespaall actions associated with or with iron ore or to petroleumwhich also collapsed, not by chance.

Dropp off iron ore It extended for the seventh day in a row, with prices returning to levels last seen in January, as policy Covid Zero Give China It raises concerns that outages in industrial activity will continue for months.

Singapore’s steelmaker raw material futures fell nearly 7% on Friday and fell below $120 a tonne for the first time this year. Over the course of the week, the drop was about 15%, the largest drop in nine months.

a iron ore It fell 6.7 percent to $119.50 a tonne on Friday in Singapore. Futures contracts in Dalian fell 4%.

And therefore, Girdau Metallurgica (by air 4) lost 8.51%, gerdaw (GGBR4) 7.89%, Usiminas (USIM56% and yes (VALE3) 5.22%.

By Pedro Galdi from Mira’s originsAnd the yes It is an eternal buying process, and a fall in the stock makes the stock more attractive. “She has good management and is an excellent driver earnings“, Complete.

falling oil

In conclusion, the 3R Petroleum (RRRP3) is down 9.38%, quoted at R$36.80, followed by peterio (3 . ago), which fell 8% to R$23.24.

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prices petroleum It fell nearly 6% on Friday to a four-week low on concerns about an economic slowdown following interest rate hikes by major central banks.

rise of dollar (USDBLR) also put pressure on prices, as the currency rose this week to its highest level since December 2002 against a basket of currencies.

This makes petroleum More expensive for buyers who use other currencies.

The greatest heights

On the buyer side, the focus is on Card Verification Code (CVC) (CVCB3), which is bouncing back after major declines in recent weeks. The company made an offer of shares To expand business and take advantage of the stronger appeal of travel.

Already blue (blue 4) and the Goal (ghoul 4), which rose by 0.14% and 0.49% respectively, showed resilience in the midst of the economic downturn, as costs were strongly correlated with oil and its derivatives.

“The banking sector is also a positive attraction due to its resilience,” says Leandro Petrokas, from Quantzed.

Itaú Unibanco (ITUB4) closed down 1.26% and Bradesco (BBDC4) with a decline of 1.55%.

Watch the five biggest drops:

a company ribbon Drops
3R Petroleum RRRP3 9.51%
Girdau Metallurgica by air 4 8.51%
peterio 3 . ago 8.79%
gerdaw GGBR4 7.89%
Petrobras PETR3 7.25%

Check out the top five:

a company ribbon high
Card Verification Code (CVC) CVCB3 11.19%
espadrilles ALPA4 4.10%
Qualicorp 3 . quality 4.56%
Engy Engy 11 3.25%
havid HAPV3 3.19%

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