June 20, 2024

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low-grade credit card; paying off

Now the card credit From Bank neon It is also available to people with lower scores. The card issuance requirements are slightly different so that more users can enjoy the digital account.

So, the goal of the digital bank is to re-educate the customers who failed to pay and were penalized by Serasa and SPC.

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What is the ideal bank profile?

The profile of Neon users is usually those who value a basic and simple to use service, see below.

  • Who needs a card to make purchases;
  • Persons who cannot prove a fixed monthly income;
  • People who have difficulty obtaining approved credit;
  • Users who need to update their accounts.

Low on neon

Among some of the advantages of the bank, users have an extension Low score from 200 to 500 points And those who want to apply for a neon card can approve their registration in a simpler way.

Neon Credit Card Advantages

neon card is Exempt from fees and pensions And it has a digital account automatically. In it, the customer can perform financial transactions, such as bank transfers, PIX, payment of coupons. Neon offers many interesting advantages to customers, such as:

  • Free application with access to all banking operations;
  • international coverage
  • automatic discount
  • Free annual fee
  • Cashback the shopping;
  • virtual card for online purchases;
  • Pay by approach (Contactless);
  • Withdrawals at Banco24Horas;
  • Participation in the Vai de Visa Points Program.

What are credit card discounts?

with the card neon You will be able to enjoy many benefits, because of the Visa brand. Then through the program Go by Visadiscounts such as:

  • Domino’s Pizza: 40% off;
  • Descomplica courses: 30% off;
  • Casas Bahia: 25% off;
  • Netshoes: 15% off;
  • Louisa Magazine: 5% off.

To use these discounts, it is necessary to register on the Vai de Visa platform and register your Neon credit card.

Neon Card: Initial Limit

When applying for a credit card, everyone wants to know the initial limit. Just like the others Banksin Neon it is not possible to specify exactly, as this varies according to each profile.

However, according to some users, the card pre-approved minimum Neon from BRL 540. This amount can be higher or lower depending on the user’s financial profile.

Do you like the card and want to open an account? arrive to neon site and registration.

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Photo: reproduction / neon.com.br