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Nayara Azevedo defends herself after criticism for being ‘happy’ in honor of Marilia Mendonca |  Famous

Nayara Azevedo defends herself after criticism for being ‘happy’ in honor of Marilia Mendonca | Famous

Singer Nayara Azevedo used her social networks on Monday (8) to defend herself, after she was criticized by some netizens who rejected her behavior in honor of Marilia Mendonca promoted by “Domingão com Huck”, on Rede Globo this Sunday ( 7). Through the stories posted on her Instagram profile, sertaneja announced that Because of the many hardships he went through in life, he chose to be strong:

“I saw some posts in which some people criticized my status yesterday in honor of Marilia, because I was smiling, and it seemed that I was happy. Let me tell you something: I took so much of a damn life, in my life, nothing was free! And I’m just what I am, And I am where I am, because I choose to continue, because I choose to be strong‘, the artist began.

Nayara Azevedo continued her statement saying that she always strives to overcome it and move on, noting that adversity will always happen in life to make you sad and make you stop, and at this moment everyone decides how to deal with their pain: “I decided to learn from everything and move forward”, Considered.

“The pain of losing someone irreparably is immeasurable, but do you think whoever did it would want people to suffer forever? Grief is necessary, yes, and everyone lives it differently, but what I think the people who left want us, is that we go on, And we remember them with affection and be strong.”

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Girlfriend Marilia Mendonca I apologize to the viewers who may have been upset with his handling of grief At the Calderau du Hac: “I apologize if my way of expressing myself, in acting, doesn’t please some of you, but that’s what I am now. I can’t please everyone. Even Jesus didn’t please everyone, some would disagree, others would agree. Some will crucify me, others applaud me, and that’s not What will frustrate me?Nayara Azevedo announced.

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Understand the controversy:

Presenter Luciano Hack gathered several singers on the stage of his show on Sunday (7) to translate the hit songs of the immortal Marilia Mendonca. But some viewers dismissed Nayara Azevedo’s behavior for showing her supposed “joy” on the Sunday show’s stage. The artist’s name quickly became one of the most talked about topics on Twitter on Sunday.

Nayara Azevedo is completely asymmetrical. What a horrible thing, Internet user books. “I think Nayara Azevedo is out of line”, Consider another Globo viewer on Twitter. “It looks like Nayara Azevedo is at a party and doesn’t honor someone who just died, what nonsense”, another Internet user revolted.

I tried, but it is impossible for me to see this tribute in honor of Marilia Mendonca in Domingo. Lots of bullshit Hack said, some guests struggle on stage and others are worried about looking good (Nayara Azevedo let me say that). It’s weird, I’m embarrassed”, another user said on his Twitter page. Through the same social network, some Naiara Azevedo fans have also come out to her defense:

“Please don’t criticize Nayara Azevedo for the ‘animation’ on Domingu with Hack. She just knows what it feels like, and like Miara, it could be the sedation she created herself to remember Marilla with joy, for all the good things she’s done for us. Stop.”He defended a viewer of Luciano Hack.

“Nayara Azevedo set up a bar yesterday on the side of the coffin all the time. She’s pretty sure she’ll behave in this tribute as Marilia was, she claps all the time, asks you to stand up, intensely sings all the songs without reading anything. Leave her alone!”. Other books. “Hello inspectors criticizing Nayara Azevedo, but I see only one person praising Marilia’s work. Yesterday the same inspectors were talking badly about Miara because she is supposedly ‘without emotion’ Today, they complain about Nayara’s “joy”.

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