May 25, 2024

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Murillo Huff is touched when she talks about Marilia Mendonca's death: 'It was amazing' |  Wonderful

Murillo Huff is touched when she talks about Marilia Mendonca’s death: ‘It was amazing’ | Wonderful

Morello Huff, ex-boyfriend Marilia Mendonca And the father of her son Leo, She talked about the singer’s death in an exclusive interview with Wonderful. The Citizen, late on Sunday afternoon (7), spoke with reporter Anna Carolina Raimondi and was touched when he spoke of the farewell.

“Leo is fine, thank God. Now he’s with her mom. Thank God he’s so little to understand. There will come a time when he’ll miss her, but at least this pain we’re feeling, I don’t think hell miss her. Hell miss her.”

Marilia, Murillo and Leo – Photo: cloning / social networks

When asked how long it’s been since the two have been together, Morello revealed that only about two months ago: “It was right after we got back from our trip. So, it was for something stupid, it was for this stupid reason… Today, by analyzing all that Happened, if we were together, I’d be there too, on the plane. Because I didn’t get a party this weekend and she’s been back on shows, at the best of her life, very happy with projects. I’ll definitely be following her up, absolutely.”

Marilia Mendonca and Murillo Hoff, they have a son, Leo – Photo: reproduction / social networks

“Mom, son, boyfriend. Everything! She was great, she was always throwing me in there.”

Huff revealed that the last time he spoke to the singer was on the day of the accident: “She sent a message like that asking me to take care of him. [Léo]Stay tuned, because he has been vaccinated. Looks like he was saying goodbye.” Check out the full interview in the video above.

Ex-boyfriend of Marilia Mendonca with the couple’s son – Photo: reproduction / social networks

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