September 28, 2023

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Uber Camila Loures

Uber talks about the controversy with Camila Lloris and reveals the current situation of the driver involved, after reports spread

The Uber Brazil It was revealed this Thursday afternoon (19) after a controversy Camila Loris. Yesterday (18), the influencer posted her tears and said it was going to happen It was kicked out by an app driver. With the fallout from the case, the company has broken its silence over rumors that the service provider was being banned from the platform.

Hours after Camila broke out, announcer “podcasts” He received some criticism for exposing the identity of the driver in front of his 17 million followers. She had asked the man to close the window and turn on the air conditioning, but he refused, citing some protocols from COVID-19She asked the young woman to leave the car. On Thursday, speculation emerged about the outcome of the story. “Our co-worker has been banned from the platform, unfortunately. We just spoke to him. He’s broken. Uber is ruthless in these celebrity sub-stands. The system is f*cking”claimed the tweet quickly spread on the web.

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In light of this, Uber spoke out and announced that the driver is not prohibited. “We would like to make it clear that the driver partner is still active on the platform. This issue is still under review, given that in all cases we have listened to both parties to better understand what happened. We follow a rigorous process in order to ensure that everyone involved has the right to be His voice is heard.”The company said.

The platform also responded to questions that the driver would only comply with protocols. In terms of combating Covid-19, we advise all partners and users to follow what is specified by local regulations and authorities. In cities that do not require opening windows, this also becomes optional when traveling with the app”Uber said.

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“In any case, many people can still feel safe when following the protocols, so we always ask that everyone respect their individual preferences. If any of the participants feel uncomfortable, they can always cancel the trip.”Mention the company.

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Camila Loris appeared on social networks on Wednesday (18), after going through a precise stop in Sao Paulo (SP). After confusion, submitted by “PodCats” He was said to have been kicked out of One driver car per application. According to the influencer, it all started with an order regarding air conditioning.

The miner started her videos crying. “I hadn’t gone through this, despair. I just got into an Uber and said, ‘Man, can you close the window?'” It’s windy in my face and cold.’ “I can’t shut it down, it’s Covid protocols,” he said. I asked him to close a little more. He said, I’ll stop here and ask for another car, and I said, No, boy, please, be quiet then. I parked the car and I said, “Boy, go ahead.” He said: Get out of my car now and order another car.described.

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Camilla said she shook and shook after being left halfway. “It was desperate, you had no idea. [Ficamos] In the middle of a street in Sao Paulo. At that time Louis just got out asking for another car, arrived quickly and left, but wow…I started shivering like this, I don’t know what happened, what hit him against me, I don’t know”And she announced that she even posted a video in which the driver appeared.

Camila Loris was crying about her story. (Photos: Playback / Instagram)

A little later, calmer, Loris gave more details of what had happened. “I like Uber Black to ride with the window closed to avoid theft, because I know two people who got robbed in Uber […] I ordered Uber Black and turned on the air conditioning option. When I walked in, I asked to close the window, he said no, by the Covid protocol. “Because I ordered an Uber Black, I said, I put the air conditioning option on. Is there a way you can close the window and turn on the air? ‘. He took it and said, ‘I’ll stop the car and you order another one’He remembers.

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The influencer also mentioned that even when he gave up on his order, he was no longer the driver. “When he stopped the car, he said, ‘Get out of my car and order another one.’ I said, ‘Boy, I don’t need that, I started crying so hard.’ He said, ‘Get out of my car.’ At the time, Louis was ordering another one, and I only knew how. Crying, I called my really desperate brother. Then an Uber arrived, and I rode another one, anyway…but he left me in the middle of a street in São Paulo”he added. Watch:

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After that, the videos were deleted from Camila’s profile. The young woman spoke again about the topic and explained why she had exposed the episode. “I’m really solving everything here with Uber, guys, it was a blast because it’s so boring to go through this situation, I hope no one goes through this, thanks to everyone who put themselves in my place”I wrote.

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Camila Lloris spoke again on this topic. (Photo: Playback / Instagram)