June 22, 2024

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Marilia Mendonca dies: Pilot's daughter salutes on social media: ``I love you forever.  Father's rest |  Federal District

Marilia Mendonca dies: Pilot’s daughter salutes on social media: “I love you forever. Father’s rest | Federal District

Pilot and co-pilot of the plane that crashed with the singer Marilia Mendonca They were residents of the Federal District. On Friday (5) the eldest daughter of pilot Geraldo Medeiros Jr., 56, used a social network to honor her father.

“I love you forever. Rest in peace, Dad,” said Vitoria Medeiros, 19.

The pilot’s daughter also posted an old photo of her in a plane with her father. “Thank you for coming to visit me,” said the girl who slept at Geraldo’s house in Asa Sol the night before the accident.

Marilia Mendonca and four other people died on Friday afternoon (5) After the small plane crash, near a waterfall in the Karatinga mountain range, inside Minas Gerais. In addition to Giraldo, co-pilot Tarciso Pessoa Viana, 37, was also among the victims.

Vitoria posted a tribute to her father, pilot Geraldo Medeiros, on her social network – Photo: Social Networks / Reproduction

Giraldo Medeiros was born in Floriano, south of Piauí., but he lived in Brasilia. In addition to Vitoria, he left two more children: a 4-year-old boy and an 11-year-old girl.

“He was no longer my husband, but he was my best friend, the best person in the world, the father of my daughter. I still can’t believe what happened. He was the most careful driver I’ve ever met,” he told the reporter. g 1 Giraldo’s ex-wife, Iuda Dias.

Marilia Mendonca makes a flyer on a plane

The plane that crashed was a twin-engine Beech Aircraft, of PEC Táxi Aéreo, of Goiás, prefix PT-ONJ, with a six-passenger capacity. According to Anak, the plane is in normal condition and has permission to take an air taxi.

There is no information yet on the cause of the fall. The Air Force will investigate the causes of the accident. Investigators were sent to the scene.

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais said it had sent forensic teams, investigators and delegates to the scene.

Marilia Mendonca dies

Singer Marilia Mendonca – Photo: Publicity / Globoplay

The singer’s press office confirmed the death of Marilia Mendonca.

“With great regret, we can confirm the death of singer Marília Mendonca, producer Henrique Ribeiro, uncle and advisor Abesele Silvera Dias Filho, pilot and co-pilot, whose names we will keep at this time. The plane took off from Goiânia with destination Caratinga (MG), where Marília will perform tonight, He reported to the singer’s press office.

Marília Mendonça songs swept Brazil with intense and romantic lyrics and melodies. She led a female transformation in the outback market, which imposed women as champions of a style that was almost exclusively male-dominated, from 2016 onwards, in the so-called “feminejo”.

Infographic Marília Mendonça – Photo: Arte / g1