June 23, 2024

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Camila Queiroz is no longer part of 'Secret Truths 2' |  TV and series

Camila Queiroz is no longer part of ‘Secret Truths 2’ | TV and series

a a novel There is a need to increase registration days due to protocols to contain Covid-19. It was previously scheduled to end on November 10, Plot Took another 7 days to complete. As a result, the actress will not return to the role of an angel in the conclusion of the novel.

See below, the full note from Globo:

“Actress Camila Queiroz is no longer part of the cast of Verdades Secretas 2, a TV series on Globoplay. Affected by the strict protocols adopted during the pandemic, the recording period for work, scheduled to end on the tenth day, was to be extended by seven days. To sign the necessary contract extension To record the final scenes from the telenovela, Camila Queiroz wanted to determine the outcome of the character Angel and demanded a formal commitment that she would be part of a final third season of work, as well as other unacceptable contract requests.

Globo, then, decided to complete Secret Truths 2 without the participation of the actress. The novel will continue to be recorded and scenes adapted so that the essence of the plot is preserved.”

Secret Truths 2 was the “Greek Kiss” that rocked this October class. Watch more in the video below:

Check out, in the video below, an interview with Sergio Guizé and Erika Januza before the premiere of ‘Verdades secretas 2’:

Watch the details of the second part of the novel in the video below: