June 21, 2024

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Maringaenses are lined up to fill tax-free gasoline

Maringaenses are lined up to fill tax-free gasoline

Maringaenses are lined up to fill tax-free gasoline

Photo: Victor Ramalho/CBN Maringa

This Saturday, the 28th, Maringa lined up to fill up on tax-free gasoline. work is part of “tax fair”which has been promoted by the Permanent Council of Young Entrepreneurs of Maringa (Copejem) for 20 years, and is held at a gas station next to Horto Florestal.

1,500 liters of gasoline should be sold at 5.05 BRL per liter on Saturday. Each consumer can fill up to 10 liters. The final discount will be 2.39 Brazilian Real.

A long line of vehicles formed from the early hours of Saturday. Marley Ferreira was the first. I got to the position at 2 am, so as not to miss the promotion. “It wasn’t two o’clock in the morning. Definitely [vale a pena]. I’m going to fill up the ten liters, it’s not a lot but it helps a lot,” he said.

Each year, companies associated with Copejem offer products and services at promotional prices, to make people aware of the high Brazilian tax burden. One of these actions is the tax-free sale of fuel, which takes place at a gas station in Horto Florestal.

Paolo Evandro is a motorcycle courier. Also arrived early. He says that 10 liters is not enough to fill the tank of a motorcycle, but saving on a discount will be very useful. “For me, as a wheelchair athlete, he’s been racing all day, which is a huge plus. You can save about BRL 30 if you look at the tip of the pen. Filling the tank won’t work, but we will put in the 10 BRL,” he says.

Photo: Victor Ramalho/CBN Maringa

Germano Fornazzari arrived around 5 am. He considers the offer to be valid, and criticizes the price of fuel in Brazil. “It pays off, there isn’t as much to do on a Saturday as today, it’s worth it. (…) [O combustível] It is very expensive, and at this price no one can afford it anymore, it is difficult,” he said.

To help with regulation, the gas station distributed passwords. 150 vehicles can be considered. However, the waiting list is long. The gas station owner, Nelson Grimaci, says the purpose of the measure is to show the consumer that taxes are largely responsible for the price hikes.

“It is important to make it clear to the residents that a large part of the price of gasoline is taxed. It is not that the gas station earns a lot, but that the distributor earns a lot. This is also related to the dollar, because the fuel is linked to the price of the dollar. And he stresses that every time the value of the dollar increases , which devalues ​​our currency, moves to the price of petrol and diesel and alcohol automatically follows.”

Listen to the full report at CBN Maringá website.

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