June 16, 2024

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Understand how it works and whether it is worth it

Understand how it works and whether it is worth it

You must have heard of sweatcoin. It is a step counter app, capable of monitoring users’ activities and converting steps to Currency. On the other hand, the promise is that the users will spend as they like on the products or services of the partner brands of the application. What everyone wants to know is: does the app really pay?

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Sweatcoin has been promoted by many YouTubers. They ensure that the app works and that in addition to taking care of their health, users get extra money. So, check if it is really worth it or is it just another internet trap.

coin steps

The app that exchanges steps for currency is available for download from the Play Store. Just check out some user reviews to see if the new fashion is worth it.

And one comment, one person complains about the lack of currency exchange options in physical products or services. And that available is not very interesting.

As another user recorded the criticism: “The app leaves a lot to be desired. No option to transfer money, little choice from the store, besides not having anything worth buying. There are few options for donations.” The app has more than 50 million downloads.

In general, the app counts the steps and transmits the walks in the form of points that become currency. However, users complain that the points cannot be withdrawn or transferred.

To make matters worse, coins can be exchanged at a few stores in Brazil. So, if you are going to get more money, the app may not be worth it.

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Another concern relates to the data that users share, such as the paths they take the most, where they are usually located. Valuable information that has to be shared by GPS. So, think carefully about whether the app is really an advantage for you.