May 26, 2024

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Medrado saiu da fazenda

Medrado left the farm? Biwa rings the bell to leave reality

After a conversation full of tears and dramatic moments, Fernanda Medrado decided to leave the cast in the thirteenth season of Fazenda, located on Record TV. The Pune bell rang From the workshop, a banner used to announce the withdrawal from the program, twice this Wednesday (22) and raised a question among fans: Did Medrado leave the farm?

Medrado left the farm?

The intense atmosphere of the past few days has completely hit Fernanda Medrado and Biwa, one of the most controversial names on Power Couple Brasil, has decided to leave the show. She rang the bell and asked to leave the program earlier, but she gave up leaving the dispute for 1.5 million Brazilian reais. Medrado calmed down after relief from Elaine Mineiro, and returned to the living room, but she did not give up on the idea and said cohabitation was “too complicated”.

Later, ahead of the farmer’s test this week, the Faun appealed the bell again and insisted on the decision to withdraw from the program. The other pawns, even with the initial test focus, combined to speak to the pawn.

During the outbreak, all PlayPlus cameras were turned off and muted. In doing so, the information that Medrado left the farm gained momentum in the networks. Check out the second peon bell moment:

Farm formation encouraged worker’s decision

During the formation of the farm, two points negatively distinguished Medrado: the discussion with Rico Melquiades and the exchange of fouls between Diane Melo and McCoy Guy. The former MTV channel voted for the rapper and said that he did not feel the truth about her, claiming that the girl made a wonderful and false picture.

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Medrado, in turn, revealed the opponent’s gossip about one of his friends and the atmosphere at home is warm.

On Wednesday (22), Medrado had a conversation with MC Gui, who asked the rapper to stay away from Dayane Mello – one of her best friends back home – so she wouldn’t become a target. Medrado cried and said he could not stand this situation.

About the prizes won throughout the course, which include a car, the confidante said she wouldn’t mind losing it. When a pawn abandons reality, all achievements in the game are canceled.

Final Decision: Medrado left the farm?

During the live program on Wednesday (22), Adrien Galisto announced that the girl had undergone psychiatric care after the bell rang and had decided to stay on the program.