June 22, 2024

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novo cartão de crédito do Méliuz

Melius announces its partnership with MasterCard for a new card

Milliose shares opened Thursday (5) with a loss of nearly 2%. The company is famous for its style Cashback Just announced a partnership with Mastercard to offer a range credit and digital account. In November of last year, Melius announced its plans to launch its own cards at the beginning of this year. “The waiting list for the new Méliuz credit card has exceeded 500,000 subscribers,” Méliuz said at the time.

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Melius announces its partnership with MasterCard for a new card

In this way, there will be some differences between the new Méliuz credit card and the Mastercard. First, the product will not contain a magnetic strip, which, according to the company, “reduces fraud and the cost of card issuance.” Plus, there will be no annual fees for customers, which is a huge benefit.

Other benefits of the new Méliuz credit card are cashback and cryptocurrency redemption. The latter is a partial refund of the amount spent in the form of crypto assets. However, Melius has not yet announced when it will start presenting the card to interested parties, but has only given expectations for the launch of the new card in the first quarter of 2022. On the other hand, you can already participate in the waiting list of the new card. So, it’s just Accessing the page of the product!

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Photo: Melius Card Queue website (with modifications).