September 29, 2023

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Viracopos canceled 24 more flights amid coronavirus and flu cases in Azul |  Campinas and the region

Viracopos canceled 24 more flights amid coronavirus and flu cases in Azul | Campinas and the region

According to investigations EPTVAmong the canceled flights on Saturday were flights to Cuiaba (MT), Porto Alegre (RS), Belo Horizonte (MG), Salvador (BA), Curitiba (PR), Navegantes (SC), Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Londrina (PR), Teresina (PI), Goiânia (GO), Ilhéus (BA) and Aracaju (SE).

With the new cancellations, oh soma station 85 flights that did not take place between Thursday (6) and the current Saturday (8). Viracopos It is the largest center of Azul in Brazil.

Company and Aeroportos Brasil Viracopos, the concessionaire that operates the station, does not confirm, however, that all cancellations are due to an increase in cases of respiratory syndromes.

Although acknowledging that medical dismissals due to illness records affected flights across the country [veja nota abaixo]The company pointed out that the suspension of arrivals and departures can occur for various reasons such as technical problems and adverse weather conditions.

As per the budget sent by the franchisor, There were 24 cancellations on Thursday (12 arrivals and 12 departures), After 37 until 17:30 this Friday (18 arrivals and 19 departures). This saturday, as of 1pm it ended up canceling 11 arrivals and 13 departures (24 no total).

airport in Campinas An average of 300 trips per day. This is, The number of suspensions represents 10.1% of the total movement within 48 hours.

Dietitian Fabiana Akemi halted her trip to Kurumba (MS) on Saturday morning. The final destination for her and her partner, Bonito, will be in the same state. With the cancellation, you will only be able to travel at 10pm and to Campo Grande, the capital of Mato Grosso do Sul.

From Campo Grande, the couple will travel by truck to Bonito. The length of the stretch is about 300 km.

She lives in Tefé (AM) and her city planning has been delayed due to the inconvenience. On Friday, the passenger said the airline offered her accommodation and food until she boarded the new flight.

A group of tourists from Fortaleza (CE) were on their way home from Congonhas Airport, in São Paulo, and were flown to Viracopos And their flight was also cancelled.

The medical separation from Azul, which has been a leader in passenger transport in Brazil for the past 12 months, according to data from the National Air Transport Agency (Anac), is occurring due to the need to isolate crew members with influenza-like syndromes such as Covid-19, Amid the progression of a micron variant, the H3N2 influenza virus. see below Full company note:

“Azul has informed that for operational reasons, some of its flights are being rescheduled in January. The company has recorded an increase in the number of medical separations among its crew members – cases in the aggregate showing a case with mild symptoms – and has been accompanied by a growth in the number of influenza and covid-19 cases in Brazil and the world. It is important to note that more than 90% of the company’s operations are operating normally and that affected customers are notified of the changes, transferred to other flights of the same company and receive all necessary assistance as stipulated in Anac Resolution 400.”

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More flights were canceled in Viracopos on Friday – Photo: Ricardo Custódio / EPTV

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