September 27, 2023

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'My fear has come true'

‘My fear has come true’


The explosion occurred on the social media of the runner

Photo: Gshow - Paulo Andre Sad at BBB 22.
Photo: Gshow – Paulo Andre Sad at BBB 22.

Paulo Andrea Brazilian Olympic athlete, “broke the bubble” and gained a lot of national recognition after becoming one of the finalists in the BBB 22. The feud finished in second place, with Arthur Aguiar becoming the version champion.

During the program, the young runner formed a very strong friendship with surfer Pedro Scobe and had an affair with Jade Picon. When Luana Piovani’s ex-husband was excluded from the reality show, PA moved netizens in tears in disbelief.

Last night, Thursday (29), Paulo Andre used his official Twitter profile to vent after he “ignored” his friend Pedro Scobe. “Drope (the emotional way a PA calls a surfer) doesn’t answer me and doesn’t answer my calls…I think my fear has come true, guys (sad emoji)”Shouted.

Moments after posting, the athlete posted another post. ‘You have to walk around’He joked. A few hours after the publications came out, on Friday morning (29), Paulo Andre, Douglas Silva and Pedro Scobe stood side by side with singer Felipe Rett who was so admired by the three.

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