September 22, 2023

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Jessilane and Gustavo are ruthless to Arthur at a reunion and are blown up on the web: 'Eggy'

Jessilane and Gustavo are ruthless to Arthur at a reunion and are blown up on the web: ‘Eggy’

After 100 days at the BBB 22 home, all contestants are back for episode 101 of the show. Participants report the events of confinement. In addition, presenter Tadao Schmidt took the opportunity to ask some controversial questions.

As for Jiseilan, Tadu asked Giseilan who shouldn’t have gotten to where he had arrived. Directly, she indicated that it would be Arthur Aguiar. “Everything that happened here made him a favourite. He raised the flag about going to the wall a few times, the general manager went eight times, even to the final and wasn’t a champ, and he’s someone more involved and perhaps more relevant,” he recorded. Arthur replied, that was an unnecessary position.

Later, Tado asked Gustavo if she liked the score. He said no. “I didn’t like it. I didn’t like it for several reasons. Not just because I didn’t win. I think a lot of people who left before the show should have been on the show,” he said. Coritibano went on to explain and clarify his point of view on:

“I quote Lina. Lina couldn’t leave with 77% disapproval like she did. I’m looking for my 81 percent disapproval as well. Because where I find it, everyone just says they only praised her, that I was the guy who played better, who really came out To play and play actively. I, as a player, accept the player’s victory. Obviously I would have liked the PA or the GM to win, but, in terms of the game, I understand that Arthur played more than PA and DG. But I recognize his worth, because he played with his strategy and won” .

The web reflects the brothers’ website

The brothers were criticized on their official Instagram accounts, in the comments on their photos. Giseilan has suffered from harsh criticism. They wrote, “Shut up you are a poet,” “Don’t get tired of being shy,” and “Shut up you’re getting better.” On Gustavo’s profile, people did not like his attitude. “Envy” and “Wow, Gustavo that is terrible. They said it was too good to be eliminated, arrogant.

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The internet also spread word about the situation through Twitter. Many netizens did not like the statements of Giseilan and Gustavo. “This teacher does not represent me,” one user wrote of Jesse. Another, citing the teacher, Barbara and Gustavo, wrote: “They will seek death for the victory of the hero.”

While some observers praised the appointments of the two brothers. Former BBB Anna Paola Reno paid tribute to Jessilan. “Strong and brave!!! My complete admiration,” the announcer wrote. while,