May 30, 2024

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Nego do Borel leaves A Fazenda 13 on the first farm?  Watch the partial poll · TV news

Nego do Borel leaves A Fazenda 13 on the first farm? Watch the partial poll · TV news

Nego do Borel It was first confirmed in Reef Farm 2021. overturn it Erica Schneider, also threatened with deletion, from the controversy over farmer testing this Wednesday (22), funkeiro will have no chance of escaping the popular vote. However, Part of the “Reality Record” survey He points out that carioca has a good chance of not leaving the game this week.

In his research the news, Nego do Borel has 45.03% of the vote to stay in A Fazenda. He is followed by the former Faustau dancer, who has 21.74% of the selections. actually Solange Gomez (18.75%) and Lesian Gutierrez (with 14.47%) not shown highly by the public. Until the publication of this text, more than 13 thousand votes have been recorded.

One of the three women candidates for the farm will run away from the possibility of disqualification in the Wednesday program, when the farmer’s test takes place. The two losers will join funkeiro in voting.

farm 13

Nego do Borel was sent to the hot seat by gui arugu, a celebrity in the house this week. “My decision today is based entirely on events at home. The person I am going to nominate, has had many situations that I disagree with, and that people close to are destabilizing,” he justifies. Ex-boyfriend Anita.

“I’ve been waiting since the first day he took the farmer’s hat, but I believe that no matter what, if I leave or stay here, I will leave with a good heart and a good head. I will lose being who I am,” the artist replied.

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On the other hand, Lesian ended up on the farm with a house vote. The model received the ability to pull someone out of the booth and chose Solange Gomes. The former Banheira do Gugu started the remaining seat, the dynamic to choose the fourth roceiro from the first hot seat. After the participants veered off course, Erica left and objected to Nego do Borel from the race to drive home.

Swipe Nego do Borel

The Nego do Borel feature in the partial survey surprised some netizens. Besides being He was charged with assaulting Duda Reese outside the house funkeiro had a tantrum after the first concert From booking last weekend.

In the videos of the moment, it is possible to hear a supposed conversation between the singer and the production of the reality show, which sounded like an alarm. Nego rebelled from the call for attention and threw objects against the wall, which frightened even the horse that was in the stall.

“Funny, right, damn that*. You say we’re free, and we’re free like that, right? Well, thanks. Thanks,” the singer said in response to what would have been a warning. Moments before the attack, Funkeiro tried to kiss the crossbar Diane Melowho denied the advances.

Who is leaving The Farm 13?

Take part in the A Fazenda 13 poll below. The result of the poll has no scientific value or impact on the official Record website.