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Novo Hyundai Creta

New Hyundai Crete hits stores with focus on driving Renegade

Three weeks after Launching in BrazilOh New Hyundai Creta It is already in the brand’s dealerships in the country. The second generation of the SUV made in Piracicaba (SP) made its debut, and therefore, in the same month that the HB20 was launched (in 2012 and 2019, maintaining the South Korean tradition of maintaining the novelty of the main car for the ninth month of the year, But superstitions aside, a new island of Crete arrives to try to outsmart its main rival.

Since his debut in Brazil, in early 2017, he has become Hyundai Creta live a private feud with Jeep Renegade in sales. In 2018, the South Korean brand’s SUV performed well, ending the year as the leader in this category. However, in 2019, the Jeep Renegade topped Crete, which could no longer return to the top of the SUV platform.

However, this time, the game promises to get tougher for a jeep. That’s because Hyundai will keep the former Crete in line for longer, at a competitive price, just under R$100,000. Thus, it will be up to the new generation of the model to compete with the Renegade, which has not yet received the new flexturbine engines from Stylantis.

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Prices and versions

In this duel, Hyundai has reorganized the Crete range, which now features a 1.0 Turbo Flex engine with direct injection from HB20 . line In affordable versions. There is 120 horsepower of maximum power and 17.5 million kilograms of torque at 1,500 revolutions (with gasoline or ethanol). The exchange is the same as the six-speed automatic. The group provides a moderate acceleration from zero to 100 km / h, this group takes 11.5 seconds. But it’s smart in urban traffic (Read our first impressions here).

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No official site From Hyundai, the previous Crete is now only available in the Active option with the 1.6 16V naturally aspirated flex engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. The version has a metal plate as the only option. Its suggested price is R$96,990 or R$99,790 in São Paulo, where since the beginning of 2021, ICMS rate is paid higher (Goods and Services Circulation Tax).

The new generation of Crete has four versions available, starting at R$108,190 in the Comfort package. Note that the value already has an adjustment in relation to the initial price of R$107,490 announced at launch. In São Paulo, the price of the new Hyundai Creta starts at R$111,890 in the entry version and now goes up to R$152,990 in the top end configuration. This brings the 2.0-liter flex engine with improvements and 167 horsepower. research:

  • Active 1.6 Flex AT – R$96,990 (R$99,790 in SP)
  • Comfort 1.0 Turbo Flex AT – R$108190 (R$11,890 in SP)
  • Limited 1.0 Turbo Flex AT – 121,190 R$ (125,390 R$ in SP)
  • Platinum 1.0 Turbo Flex AT – 136,190 R$ (140,890 R$ in SP)
  • Max 2.0 Flex AT – R$ 147,690 ($152,990 in SP)
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Despite the significant price advances, new Crete leaves the factory with plenty of fillers. From the entry-level version, it has such elements as six airbags, stability and traction controls, slope start assist, and four-wheel disc brakes. In addition, it has a tire pressure monitor, a reversing camera, an adjustable steering wheel for height and depth, power windows and a multimedia center with an 8-inch screen.

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No New Crete Ltd. Fog lights, electric folding mirrors and a leather steering wheel have been added. Among the technologies, the emphasis is on the wireless charger for smartphones, the switch on site and the digital automatic air conditioning with rear output. Finally, multimedia has the Bluelink system, which includes the Internet and connected services. It’s free for six months, but then it has a monthly fee of R$29.90.