October 1, 2023

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5 tips to save on kitchen gas |  a house

5 tips to save on kitchen gas | a house

Leonardo Ferreira

Check out our cooking gas saving tips

Cooking gas
It recorded a nearly fivefold increase over inflation in 2021 and the average price for a 13kg drum is R$96. The high percentage, according to the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), was 30% this year, while inflation for this period was 5.67%.

Thinking of helping the consumer save when preparing the meal, the European Center – the traditional school of gastronomy in Curitiba – requested expert guidance. Check out some tips from Chef Favo Creek, who is also Professor of Gastronomy at the European Centre.

1 – Check your stove

Don’t wait for your device to fail before calling a technician. “The right thing to do is to do preventative maintenance every year, make specific adjustments and adjustments to the burners, and avoid unnecessary expenses. 60% of the heat produced by the stove is wasted in the kitchen,” Crick warned.

2- Choose utensils well

Triple-bottom or cast-iron pans help save gas consumption. “It retains more heat and allows the flame to drop when it starts to boil, without losing temperature, which is not possible with thinner pans.”

3- The pressure cooker is your ally

If you are afraid of using pressure cookers, it’s time to learn how to work with this tool. “Pressure makes pans reach temperatures in excess of 120°C, which helps food cook faster and helps save gas. Other pans don’t go above 100°C,” the chef explains.

4 – Organizing

According to the professor at the European Center, by keeping the kitchen organized and ingredients that will always be on hand, the time to use pans on the fire tends to reduce. The French term for “everything in its place” in the kitchen is mise en place.

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5 – induction hob

The device is more economical and allows to control heat intensity, safety and practicality. Electromagnetic heating causes not the stove to heat up, but the frying pan. In addition, they cook food faster, but to use them you must have suitable utensils.
Remember that in addition to financial savings, we are adopting more environmentally sustainable measures when we supply liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

According to the academic director and in charge of the school’s gastronomy courses, Rogério Gobbi, themes related to sustainability should be integrated into the everyday life of kitchens. “Everyone who works in kitchens, whether professional or even as a hobby, should be careful to make as little impact as possible on nature, avoiding food loss and production using resources,” says Ruggiero.