June 21, 2024

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Quem deixou o MasterChef ontem (30)? Programa define os semifinalistas

Who left MasterChef yesterday (30)? Find out who qualified for the semi-finals

Tasting 1: Regional dessert

Brazilian sweets were the subject of a qualification test. Each of the celebrities took to the kitchen sweets from a region of the country and the task assigned to the participants to reproduce the recipe. On the mezzanine, Falcao, Dinho Ouro Preto, Lorena Simpson, Negra Lee and Anisa accompanied it all, rocking, singing and cheering – there was even Duet Dinho e Fogaça (click here to see).

Eduardo wins and Klein has plastic for candy

Klein prepared a cornmeal half ball and cheesecake with guava filling and a white chocolate sundae, which honored the Southeast. However, Helena Rizzo did find a piece of plastic on the plate during the evaluation. Climo!

Gaining praise for Fogaça memes on the web

During Isabella’s assessment of tasting regional sweets, Fugaka said the participant was “good aggressive.” The unusual praise reverberated on the web, especially among the competitor’s fans.

Test 2: molecular gastronomy

As soon as the latest test subject – molecular gastronomy – was announced – Klein, Isabella, Thiago and Daphne were horrified. After a lesson by chef Angelica Vitale, in which four techniques were introduced, Eduardo was given the task of choosing which method each cook would have. In the end, Isabella got primary pellets, Daphne with jelly, Thiago with thickening, and Clen with transglutaminase enzyme.

Daphne is the best in the competition, but he makes an ‘unforgivable’ show

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Isabella finished second, Klein also got another chance and Daphne won the race. Though pleasing to the palate, participant Jacqueen annoyed by not serving the dish: “It’s very good, and it has a spicy side. Gelatin is perfect, it looks like a mirror, it’s nice. But you ruined it in a terrible bowl and undervalued your work. You hid your work and that’s unforgivable.”

Thiago was eliminated for the second time

The participant said goodbye to the kitchen with the worst performance in the Elimination Challenge. The cook received harsh criticism from Jaqen and Vugaka. The former competitor said in an interview with Band.com.br.

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