May 29, 2024

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Nubank explains the "Reserve Value Limit" tab of the app

Nubank explains the “Reserve Value Limit” tab of the app

The mission of innovation in the financial sector has become the hallmark of nubank A digital bank with more than 50 million customers. For some time now, purple has launched a new option for Card limit increase Without the consumer being held hostage to periodic credit analyzes.

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We’re talking about the job.”Reserve value as a limit‘, available within the application that manages purple. Through it the user can Build a limit with the Nubank Card And conquer purchasing power in a more simple way.

Nubank clarifies the use of the app’s ‘booking limit’ option

For those unfamiliar with the “max reserve” function, Digital Bank explains that it is designed so that Violet customers can increase and build a credit limit on the card.

It works as follows: The user deposits the maximum amount they want into the Nubank account in purple and then keeps this amount to be used as a maximum in the credit issuance. It is noteworthy that the option differs from the “Set limit” tab, which deals with the pre-approved balance.

In this case, the user who wants to have a limit of RRL 2000 must deposit or use this amount from the account and transfer it to a limit on the card. The amount is kept until the customer pays the bill. Learn how to put this feature into practice with the Nubank app.

Step by step to activate the Maximum Reservation function and increase the purchasing power of the Nubank Card

See the steps below for those who want Increase your Nobank card limit:

  • Open the Nubank app;
  • Then, on the credit card screen, go to the option “Reserve the maximum amount”;
  • Read the information carefully and click “Continue”;
  • Select the value to be used and click “Continue”;
  • Confirm and enter the 4-digit Nubank password;
  • ready! Within a few minutes, your new card limit will be available for use in the credit version.
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