July 19, 2024

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Nubank increases customer limit and spreads on social media

Nubank increases customer limit and spreads on social media

Over 500,000 FinTech clients benefited from the overall cap increase

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Last Thursday (30), a nubank Spread on social media after credit card limit increased credit At least 500,000 customers. .’s official account financial technology On Twitter he joked about the situation.

However, many netizens have taken advantage of the increased limit to make jokes about their financial situation in the midst of the economic crisis the country is facing.

In addition, Nubank has responded to some messages from Internet users who have requested an increase in the limit. In this way, the digital bank made it clear that it is necessary to explore the limit it already has, pay the bills on time and update the income in the application to help the system increase the amount.

How is the card limit set?

Credit card limit is a kind of loan which the financial institution allows the customer to use over a cycle, which usually lasts for one month. Thus, on the due date, the user must pay for what has been spent. And if he pays correctly, without delay, then the amount he has to pay is exactly what he spent throughout the course. However, in case of delay, interest is charged.

How do organizations conduct analysis?

To lend money, you must be confident that the person who borrowed the amount will pay it back. for this reason Banks Institutions that provide credit measure this confidence through risk analyses.

This confidence can be diminished due to some factors, which can be:

  • negative name
  • low grade;
  • income proof
  • outdated market data;
  • debt history.

How to increase the limit?

Therefore, in order to increase the limit as mentioned earlier, it is necessary to gain the trust of the enterprise, so the information that helps are:

  • keep your income up to date;
  • pay the bill on time;
  • Centralize all spending to the main card.

If the customer’s name is negative for some debt elsewhere, the credit will likely be denied.

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Photo: Diego Tomazini / Shutterstock.com