May 26, 2024

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Nubank launches a new car guarantee loan

The digital bank Nubank announced last Tuesday (16), that it will provide loans against the car guarantee directly through its application, in partnership with Creditas. The rates that fintech promises are more beneficial, have longer payment terms and higher values ​​available to hire, compared to the market average for this type of service.

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This partnership took place between Nubank and Creditas in September of this year. At the time, fintech said its goal was to expand its credit options. Now, any Nubank customer can access this new credit method directly from the digital bank app.

According to FinTech, the partnership guarantees loans in small installments, low interest rates and also with the possibility of the customer getting credit of up to 90% of the car value. The digital bank also promises cashback of 1% of the value obtained to customers who close the contract through the application.

According to data published by Creditas, this type of credit with a guarantee recorded a growth of 312.9% in the last quarter compared to the same period of the previous year.

Find out how to access the service in the Nubank app:

Search the main screen of the Nubank app for the “Take Borrow” button. The service can also be found in the “Loans” section.

Soon, the customer will be directed to the screen that explains how this loan method works. At the bottom of the page, click on the “Simulate loan” option.

From now on, the contract will continue, and it is important to emphasize that the customer can conclude the contract through the digital bank application or the Creditas website. The redirect should be done automatically. If the customer does not have the Creditas application, Nubank will ask for a download.

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Loan novelty is gradually being rolled out to fintech clients. As of today, some users should already be able to access the new service model. However, this service will only be available to all account holders in a few weeks.