April 24, 2024

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Nubank launches new mobile payment method;  See how you use it

Nubank launches new mobile payment method; See how you use it

a nubank I recently launched a new tool that promises to make it easier Card Payments. Grandma was called NuTapwhich allows PJ digital bank customers to make credit or debit sales without the need for a device.

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NuTap operates as a 100% digital machine, with live operation on cell phone, within the account app for entrepreneurs in nubank. All without the need for additional equipment, monthly fees, or a membership cost.

The idea of ​​the service is primarily to ensure more practicality, agility, transparency and security in charging card purchases. Customers can request a PJ bank account with one partner and have an Android cell phone with NFC technology (NFC) – Which in Portuguese means “contact with the field of proximity”.

How does NuTap work?

Through NuTap, customers can make payments with both credit and direct debit through their mobile phones. The enterprise owner does not need a physical machine to receive payment.

The customer just touches the card on the back of the device and the payment is made around and that’s it. Transactions are done securely, as customer data is encrypted and not shared with merchants.

NuTap Fee

In terms of sales fees, they cost up to 30% less compared to other models of machines available in the market. In the case of a debit sale, the fee charged is 1.49%, while it is 3.19% for a cash credit.

For purchases in installments, fees vary depending on the number of installments. The maximum fee for this payment method is 12.49%, which equates to 12 installments.

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Remember that in order to get NuTap, a Nubank user does not need to pay acquisition fees, monthly fees, or rental fees.

How do you order NuTap?

To order NuTap, simply access the PJ Account app, and from the home screen, tap the “Meet NuTap” button. From there, if it’s already available, just follow the step-by-step installation steps.

For those who are not yet selected to take advantage of the functionality, Nubank reports that very soon the entire PJ customer base will have access to the service.