October 1, 2023

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The app allows extra income up to $100 the easy way?

The app allows extra income up to $100 the easy way?

Well-known “referral programs” are becoming popular among the population, as they allow users to get some cash rewards when indicate Another person’s specific service, organization, or application.

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Incidentally, there is one reliable app that has recently jumped into the market: PayPal. The app offers up to $100 for a number of new users to join. registration in the application. It is important to note that the amount, upon conversion, is equivalent to 500 BRL. paying off.

What is PayPal?

For those who still don’t know, PayPal – in short – acts as a digital wallet that deals with the storage and management of personal and banking data for its users. All this safely and without complications.

For those who make a lot of transactions, this type of tool is used with some regularity, so check if this is your case. The organization accepts operations with credit and debit as well, but it is possible to send money to any user a program Very easily, which works similarly to the PIX tool.

Another difference is that international purchases can be made on websites or applications from anywhere in the world, since PayPal helps with local currency conversion, facilitating the moment of making the transaction. The service also has the option to pay in person via a QR code, so it is very useful.

How to make additional income in the PayPal application?

Through temporary upgrade “invite friends”. It is possible for the user to earn additional money through the PayPal application only by inviting some friends and acquaintances who must register for a US account, but for this it is the same need to You have this registration in the United States.

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Once guests open a PayPal account, the app will reward the person who referred them. According to the information from the platform itself, it is possible to accumulate up to 100 USD, if you believe that the company pays 10 USD for each successfully completed referral.

But pay attention to the details: the promotion rules state that the Paypal indication applies only to invitations made between families and friends, Forbidden Publication of the campaign on social networks or other means of communication.

How to download the PayPal app

Like many other banking institution apps, PayPal is also available for download on Android and iOS platforms. Downloading it is very simple. The theme must go to the App Store on his phone, search by name and, after downloading, make the necessary registration.

At the time of registration, you will need to inform some data, such as your full name, CPF, email, monthly income and some other data. The bank will analyze your data from that and then will launch the debit option.

As for the choice creditIt may take a little longer to present, as the analysis tends to be more rigorous when it comes to this.