May 25, 2024

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Find out how to get a personal loan with Nubank in 2022

Nubank offers customers R$450; Learn how to win in 10 minutes

With more than 50 million customers, nubank Many of them were surprised at the beginning of the week when forwarding a questionnaire about Income tax Which can release R$450 to the interviewee, the goal being to understand the individual user profile (PF) of the digital bank.

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According to “roxinho”, whoever is selected and decides to participate in the study has to answer a few questions, with an average time of 10 minutes. The goal is to collect information that will be used to help millions of others nubank.

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Topics for some of the questions in the survey include:

How old are you?; What is your monthly income?; Do you declare income tax? Have you appointed an accountant to provide your statement? Are your investments made through IR discount analysis?; Is IR exemption a critical factor for your applications?

The digital bank has already started sending out invitations to clients who match the interview profile.

Nobank Income Tax

Although an attempt has been made to explain the reasoning for this income tax research, it remains unclear how the data collected will be applied. To better understand the proposal, the press team at Brazil Tender Notice I contacted the press office of Nubank and at the time of publication of the article had not received a response.

Brazilians will have until April 29 to report income to the IRS for 2021. In the case of Nubank customers, access to the income report is simple and available on the bank’s application. The document is important for those who need to attach it to IRPF 2022, if necessary.

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