September 30, 2023

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Uber was fined 3 million Rls for canceling an excessive ride in SC

Uber was fined 3 million Rls for canceling an excessive ride in SC

Procon de Florianópolis issued a R$3 million fine against the racing app Uber Because of the city’s “postures that violate consumer laws.” According to the agency, the situation is directly related to the cancellation of trips by drivers.

The justification for imposing the fine was that the company violated parts of Article 39 of the Consumer Protection Act, which states that “refuse to fulfill consumers’ demands, to the extent specified for the availability of their stock” and “refuse to sell goods or provide services directly to those willing to purchase them upon immediate payment.”

In a note, Procon director Alexandre Farias Luz said the agency had already notified Uber in 2021 of the same problem. “Practices are repetitive and the requests made by Procon have not been met,” he said.

The company has 10 days to appeal the decision.

In GPS sent to UOLUber said it would appeal once it is notified and justified that partner drivers are “independent professionals and can, like users, cancel trips when they deem necessary.”

The company’s memo also stated that excessive cancellations for fraudulent purposes are signs of abuse of the feature by some drivers, who could be banned from the platform if identified by tech teams.

The position concludes that “the abuse of trip cancellation has nothing to do with the driver’s freedom to refuse requests. In Uber, the driver is free to decide which ride requests to accept and which to decline.”