June 21, 2024

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On the verge of death, Guilherme rocks Flavia in "The Better Life, the Better."  Watch · TV news

On the verge of death, Guilherme rocks Flavia in “The Better Life, the Better.” Watch · TV news

William (Matthews Solano) will pay tribute to Flavia (Valentina Herzag) in The more life, the better!. The doctor believes he is the Chosen One (A Maia) after his health begins to feel more fragile. He will decide to respond to a request from his beloved and get a tattoo in the Globo series at seven in the morning.

Jukka’s daughter (Fabio Herford) asked her husband to get tattoos together. Initially, the “galactic doctor” stated that a woman cannot get a tattoo because she is pregnant and does not fancy tattooing herself because of her career. Fearing death, he changes his mind and surprises the dancer.

Backstage to be broadcast on Wednesday (18)ex-husband the flower Barbara Cullen will decide to take some action. He is sure that he is seriously ill and will die soon.

The doctor will look for Selena (Ana Lucia Tori) to make amends after she arrested him at the Montero Bragança clinic. “Life goes by too fast. It’s not worth fighting with the ones we love,” he will say while embracing his mother.

Finally, the surgeon will make a tattoo in honor of Flavia. The couple will be looking for a tattoo artist in the middle of the night. The dancer will not be able to get tattoos due to her pregnancy but she will not fail to express her opinion on the opinion of her husband.

He said, “I thought of something romantic. A heart with our letters intertwined.” “I hope I don’t regret it,” Guilherme will shoot.

The more life, the better! It’s a TV series Written by Mauro Wilson It will leave the air at the end of this month, when it makes way for the premiere of the movie face and courageClaudia Soto’s plot.

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The new Globo series will address the world of acrobats and It will star Paola Oliveira, Marcelo Cerrado and Tess Araujo.

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