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Operators to this day have to adapt to the number indicating telemarketing - 10/03/2022

Operators to this day have to adapt to the number indicating telemarketing – 10/03/2022

This Thursday (10) the deadline for mobile service providers to implement the new rule of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) to contain spam ends –Those urgent calls that offer products or services. From that date, the institution begins to obligate the inclusion of Code 0303 At the top of all active telemarketing numbers.

Through the standard use of numbering, the agency hopes to make it easier to identify active telemarketing calls in advance, allowing consumers to stop answering them if they wish.

In Brazil, ‘spam’ annoys thousands of consumers every day: according to global report Launched by the app True caller In December of last year, each Brazilian user received, on average, 32.9 unwanted calls per month. For the fourth time in a row, the country topped the ranking of incoming calls from unwanted products and services.

Understand the new rule

Published in the Official Gazette on December 10, 2021, the rule also applies to fixed-line operators, who have until the beginning of June to adopt it.

This is not the first time that Anatel has created mechanisms to contain the dispersal of active telemarketing calls, that is, the offering of unsolicited products or services through phone calls or messages, pre-recorded or not.

Created in 2019 by Agency, Service “do not bother me“It allows registered people to block calls from telemarketing companies, telecoms and payroll loans. Currently, the platform already has nearly 10 million subscribers. But the feature doesn’t seem to have the desired effects — it doesn’t block, for example, calls from health plans. or retail chains.

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What are the changes?

With the new rule described in Law No. 10413telemarketers and telecom networks must allow the number 0303 to be clearly identified, on the screen of the user’s device.

The decision also states that operators must implement a preventive ban on active, original telemarketing calls based on user demand. According to Anatel, another innovation introduced by the mechanism is that it is up to service providers to limit code usage outside the rules set by the agency.

The deadline for implementing the rule is 90 days for mobile service providers – that is, Thursday (10) – and 180 days for fixed-line operators. The only exceptions will be companies that ask for donations and companies that collect fees, which will not need to abide by the code.

What if companies break the rule?

Currently, active telemarketers that do not request the 0303 numbering feature to identify their business are not at risk of fines. But they will be subject to blocking of the numbering source, according to Anatel.

According to the agency, the General Secretariat for Consumers (will be) will be responsible for monitoring the new procedure. Therefore, the agency requires, if the consumer notices that the rule has not been properly adhered to, Visit the Secretary’s website Submit your complaint.