June 16, 2024

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Secret Truths 2 opens an unreleased series on livestream - Prisma

Secret Truths 2 opens an unreleased series on livestream – Prisma

After a long period of behind-the-scenes work, also hampered by layoffs due to the pandemic, it’s time: the next 20th, at 9:30 p.m., “Verdade Secretas 2” will be shown on Globoplay. Plot written by Walcyr Carrasco and directed by Amora Mautner, a sequel to the 2015 edition, is currently rerunning on Open TV. Camila Queiroz, Arlete/Angel, is still the champ.

According to the proposal, the story promises, even more daring, an atmosphere of mystery, eroticism and temptation, in the underworld hidden under the glamor of fashion, luxury and power. The first 10 chapters will be available on the platform to subscribers on the release date.

“The process of making ‘Secret Truths II’ is quite challenging, as it is essential to keep the plot alive and amazing. In this new phase, audiences will find the same owners, with its duality, mystery and sensitivity. They will be surprised by the new aspects of it, as well as the new stories that are involved It has a modeling agency, with versions for young actors,” says Walser.

Season 2 begins with Arlete, Angel loses her husband Guilherme (Gabriel Leone) in a mysterious car accident and Giovanna (Agatha Moreira) has just arrived from Paris. Suspicious, the daughter of Alex (Rodrigo Lombardi) is searching for Angel to urge her to kill William, her cousin, just as she killed her father years ago.

Giovanna is willing to do anything to put her rival in jail, and to that end, she hires Cristiano (Romolo Estrella), a private investigator, who ends up getting involved with him. “VS2” will have several versions in the cast, such as model Júlia Byrro.

come there

“Verdades Secretas 2” opens a cycle of unreleased series in streaming form, with just over 50 chapters.

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But Globoplay isn’t alone in this! Netflix, through Elisabetta Zenatti, and WarnerMedia, with Monica Albuquerque, are also preparing for their releases.

last chance

Sunday’s “Hora do Faro” welcomed actor Victor Pecoraro, the fourth to be eliminated from “A Fazenda 13”. And he doesn’t spare money while participating in the photo, especially in regards to the exasperated Bill Araujo, who is somewhat responsible for his departure from rural reality.

Surprisingly, Pecoraro announces to his fans, from now on, to Rico Melquiades. “Because he transports the ‘farm’,” he says.


Work on “Perrengue” in Bandeirantes is in full swing. The teams open up a large interface for street recordings and comedy sketches.

As noted, it’s not just about staying in online videos or sliding around.

if you want

After recording “A Fazenda”, Valentina Francavilla will be able to resume her work as a stage assistant in “Programa do Ratinho”.

The doors were left open at SBT.


The series “Quando Chama o Coração”, starring Irene Krakow, was one of those record programming successes. No wonder it took a place in the network’s top five in greater Sao Paulo.

The TV series “Genesis” tops the rankings.


Next Tuesday, Globo will broadcast the final episode of the “Profissão Repórter” season.

By the way, the penultimate person also experienced the station network, prefixed with football, “Segue o Jogo” and “Secret Truths”.

Do not give up

If there’s a way the “Pantanal” cast doesn’t give up, between recordings, it’s the famous “banho de rio” near the sites in Mato Grosso do Sul.

The team, which brings together names like Juliana Paes, Bruna Lenzmere, Leticia Salles, and Malo Rodriguez, literally plays themselves.


The new version of this success by Benedito Ruy Barbosa, adapted by Bruno Luperi, among other things, will be significant because it will show the real wetlands, with everything that happens.

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It debuted in 2022, after “Mother of Lugar au Sol”.

Reserved place

Kids who enjoy SBT kids’ soap operas, as you can notice, don’t give up on streaming either. One such example is the top ten on Netflix.

In a few days, Silvio Santos’ business occupied as many as two jobs.

Up and away

“I’m not a middle-of-the-road guy. I’m extreme. If I’m going to make an international career, I’ll go. Life is about risks and you have to take risks, do everything. If people want a show, let’s put on a great show…”.

Luan Santana’s recent statement is on the air.


Gabriel Leon will appear briefly in “Secret Truths 2”. Guilherme, her character and husband Arlette/Angel (Camila Queiroz), dies in the first scenes.

The actor, however, will have a prominent role in “Um Lugar ao Sol” and also move into the second season of “Sun”, on Amazon Prime Video.

first place

Director Mauricio Eca received a report from Amazon Prime Video indicating audience success in the two films about Susan von Richthofen. “Cinema is also a reflection, and not just entertainment,” the director stated.

“If these movies were enough for no one else to do something like this, it would be worth it,” he concludes.

Lazarus manager

Amazon Prime Video has announced the production of “An Unforgettable Year – Autumn”, the second film in the franchise from Panorâmica. The film is directed by Lazaro Ramos and will feature the city of São Paulo and Avenida Paulista as a backdrop to musical history. The franchise will have four films.

The cast includes Gabes, Lucas Leto, Larissa Luz, Pedro Blanc, Raphael Ghanem, and more.

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Wonderful Sunday

Today’s Domingo Espetacular brings up an interview with Paula Lamberti and Fernando Mendes, a São Paulo couple, who’ve had their biggest fears since deciding to convert a schooner over 12 meters long, Strega (“witch”, in Italian) into their home and travel the seas with him. With only the dog, Chobanio.

The ship was attacked by two orcas in Portugal and the couple makes no secret that they were terrified.

hit rebound

• It’s no small feat: Larissa Manuela is approaching the 41 million followers mark…

• … and this makes a huge difference in business matters, the so-called posts …

• … There is more: the actress records the last scenes of the first stage of “Beyond Illusion” in Poços de Caldas, Minas Gerais.

• After winning eighteen awards at festivals around the world and showing it in Brazilian cinemas, Valentina will be shown this Sunday on Netflix …

• …the film tells the story of Valentina (Tessa Wainbackek), a transgender teenager who moves to the countryside of Minas Gerais with her mother Marcia (Gotha Streiser) for a new beginning…

• …Mother and daughter face problems when the school board, unprepared, begins demanding the signature of the absent father (Romulo Braga) for registration.

• The “As Five” series, derived from “Malhação”, arrives at Globo on 26 …

• … Production will be shown on Tuesday and Thursday.

• Band has not released anyone yet for SBT’s “Teleton” campaign…

• … Globo has been released, but the names will only be known in the marathon days.

• …of the record, as reported, Sabrina and Anna Hickman.