May 18, 2024

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Paulo described Andre as grateful, as he announces the refusal of Mayra Cardi as a gift - Metro World News Brasil

Paulo described Andre as grateful, as he announces the refusal of Mayra Cardi as a gift – Metro World News Brasil

Athlete and BBB spokeswoman Paulo Andre, PA About turning down a gift from Maíra CardiArthur Aguiar’s wife, she presented it to her son. After the case was revealed, on Wednesday (11), the hashtag “PA ungrato” became one of the most commented topics on Twitter. In a note sent to Gossip do Dia’s Instagram, he made it clear that he didn’t think it was fair to receive something he didn’t need.

“I thought it was a nice job, there are a lot of kids who really need it. That’s why I couldn’t accept it. I joined BBB to give my family a better life, but thank God they didn’t lack for anything, not even Peazinho,” said Paulo Andre.

The present in question will be the refurbishment of PA’s 8-month-old son’s room, as a way to repay the support the athlete gave Arthur Aguiar during BBB22. However, the former BBB did not accept and spoke to his son’s mother, Thays Andreata, to refuse him.

“This room would be good for someone who could not afford it, and who really needed it. PA added. But in short, I cannot accept anything knowing that we do not need it, and that many families need it…Not talked about Nothing with them yet.”

Information about the PA’s rejection of the present was conveyed by journalist Mateus Balde, part of the seat of the television program “A Tarde é Sua”, from RedeTV!

Reflection, repercussions

The PA’s refusal of the gift did not sit well with the fans of Arthur and Myra.

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“[PA] He only stayed in the house because Arthur barricaded him twice and the bakery helped him on all the walls, if not, he would have left sofas,” commented one of the couple’s fan.

On the other hand, there were those who defended the position of Paulo Andre. Another wrote, “When I read ‘Unfair PA’ I thought he, I don’t know, kicked the poor, deserted Globo, and deprived his son of alimony, which is really important.”

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