June 23, 2024

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Pix may have auto debit functionality soon;  understand

Pix may have auto debit functionality soon; understand

The central bank announced a novelty that could soon be implemented on Pix. According to BC, the intention would be to allow approximation to be paid and automatic discount function. The new features may come into effect from 2022, if all goes as expected.

Recently, Pix has already received Pix Saque and Pix Troco features, the first of which guarantees cash withdrawals from commercial establishments. Another novelty that promises to be part of the routine of Brazilians who use Pix, in turn, is the possibility of making payments without internet on the cell phone.

This system will work, according to the initial information, like a credit card. According to the news in the press, there are studies on international transfers via Pix. The new changes do not have a fixed date for them yet. However, it is known that it is a forecast for the coming year.

Currently, Pix already allows functionality for inter-user transfers, payments via QR code or key, bill payments such as electricity bills, payments from the Group Directory of Union (GRU), transfers / payments between businesses, the Pix Collection and even the recent Pix Saque and Pix Troco.

On November 16, Pix’s payment system completed its first year, and so far, it has already undergone some changes. The main ones were promoted in response to the many cases of fraud and blitzkrieg.

Withdrawal value from stores

As of Monday (29/11), the possibility of serve Up to R$500.00 through Pix. Thus, in any commercial department or ATM that accepts the service, it is now possible to request a withdrawal without having to go to a bank branch. Another advantage is that the user will not need a credit or debit card for this.

The process will be similar to making payments or sending money. Even because the customer has to send the Pix to the store where he wants to withdraw the amount, and after confirming the instant transaction, he will get the required funds. In case Pics Truco, the customer can buy a product that costs, for example, R$40 and create a pixel R$50.00 to receive R$10.00 in change.

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