September 24, 2023

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Poder 360 exposes market misinformation about its alleged leadership in the political news market

The news site, which received a contribution from billionaire Frederico Trajano, lags far behind publications such as Brasil 247, Metrópoles and Antagonista.

247 – Poder 360, directed by journalist Fernando Rodriguez and who recently received financial support from billionaire Federico Trajano, one of Luiza Magazine’s partners, has repeatedly adopted the practice of spreading false information in the advertising market, about its supposed leadership in the news market relevant to national politics, as it has today neste link.

The comparative audience of news sites is the public data and any Internet user can consult it publicly through the tool. similar site, which is used by advertising agencies. The audience Comparison between Brasil 247 and Poder 360 It shows, for example, that 247 is more than twice the size of the competitor. In November, for example, Brasil 247 recorded 11.9 million visits, compared to 5.7 million visits to Poder 360. In addition, 247 users were more engaged than competitors. Your visits last longer (2 minutes and 44 seconds on average, versus the competitor’s only 49 seconds) and visitors reach more pages per visit (2.43 versus 1.31).

Check the table below for a comparison between 247 (dark blue) and 360 (orange):

Brazil 247 vs Power 360
Brazil 247 vs Power 360(Photo: Web-like)similar site

However, Brasil 247 does not have the practice of disclosing inaccurate information to the advertising market. The largest independent news website in Brazil today is Metropóles, which is run by businessman Luiz Estevao and run by journalist Lilian Tahan, and had at least 56.5 million visitors in November. Perhaps the purpose of Poder 360, by distorting the stats, is to raise more money from investors like Federico Trajano.

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Check, in the table below, the comparison between Metrópoles and Brasil 247:

Metropolis for 247
Metropolis for 247(Photo: Web-like)similar site

Check out our comparison of Brasil 247 (dark blue) and Antagonista (light blue):

The opponent against Brazil 247
The opponent against Brazil 247(Photo: Web-like)similar site

Check out the comparison between Antagonist and Power 360:

Discount for Power 360
Discount for Power 360(Photo: Web-like)similar site

Check out the comparison between Metropolis and Power 360:

Metropolis vs. Power 360
Metropolis vs. Power 360(Photo: Web-like)similar site

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