June 20, 2024

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See the 10 Best Small Capital to Invest in February, According to BTG Pactual – Money Times

BTG conducts three wallet exchanges for the month of February (Photo: Pixabay)

the Actual BTG Made three modifications to her recommended portfolio of Lowercase letters. For the month of February, the Corporation withdrew shares path field (TFCO4), 3 tons (TTEN3) e Claire Cel (CLSA3) To enter Iguatemic (IGTI11), Saint Martin (SMTO3) e Orizon (ORVR3).

The entry of São Martino comes after global sugar prices enter a new phase with the Indian government introducing its own mandate to blend ethanol.

Igwatmi is chosen amidst the shopping mall sales forecast. Analysts expect it to continue to grow as the vaccination campaign improves.

Finally, Orizon was listed because it found opportunities to improve returns on its assets and expand
your wallet.

“The company was awarded a 20-year contract worth R$549/MWh for the waste power plant.
In Barueri, it won the auction for Estre’s assets and recently sold 100% of the carbon credits created in 2021 at a higher-than-expected price,” say Carlos Sequeira, Osni Carvey, Bruno Lima and Luiz Temporini, who signed the report.

Experts keep shares CBA (CBAV3), Lookup (LWSA3), 3R Petroleum (RRRP3), Santos Brazil (STBP3), Bank ABC (ABCB4), desktop (DESK3) e syllable (SQIA3) in their recommendations.

See the full portfolio:

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