May 21, 2024

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Poll vote shows who falls between Dayane, Erika and Tiago TV News

Poll vote shows who falls between Dayane, Erika and Tiago TV News

The third park Farm 2021 It was formed this Wednesday (6). Diane Melo NS Erica Schneider Lost a farmer’s taste for Rico Melquiades; The two joined Thiago Picuelo In the hot seat. Who is on the reality show on Record this week? Participate in the survey at the end of this text.

In the dynamics of becoming a house leader, Dai, Erica, and Rica needed to point out the characteristics of other pawns in the reality show for a record. The first sign, for example, was the plant of the season.

The ex-On Vacation with the Ex earned the right to start and picked Tiago as the most downed in the game. The dancer was at Marina Ferrari, while the model chose Dynho Alves. This whole process took place on the farm.

After this choice, Adriane contacted the headquarters, who did not see who to choose whom. Participants needed to determine which of these three matches best with the selected feature.

The most voted house got 1 point for whoever chose it on the farm. The first to score three points wins the contest.Rico achieved 100% success and beat his competitors.

Who is leaving The Farm 2021?

After the race, the infantrymen returned to headquarters and the menaces defended their residence. “I want to thank you for leaving me here on the first farm and I want to ask you to allow me to stay here in this wonderful experience, in this battle. I don’t want to leave this house, I want to enter your house,” Diane asked.

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“I really want to stay, this is a dream for me. I ask you to vote a lot, I am targeted and will be targeted for a long time, but I really want to stay. Thank you! I’m counting on your vote, I’m very nervous,” Erica admitted.

Tiago, who was placed as a planter, admitted his shyness. “It’s been 17 years since I did this. [fãs] They are the most responsible for doing everything in my life. I’m shy, I know it weighs a little. I don’t have millions of followers for mutirões, but people’s voice is God’s voice. “When God wants it, I just accept it,” said the citizen.

Who is staying at A Fazenda 13 on the third farm? Take part in the survey below. The result of the vote has no scientific value or impact on the official Record website.