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Pre-sale of the new iPhone SE and iPhone 13 in green begins in April

Pre-sale of the new iPhone SE and iPhone 13 in green begins in April

at the beginning of the month, Apple announced new Iphone SE (2022), the most “expensive” version of its phones, and the new colors of the iPhone 13. Although we already know the prices, the Apple brand announced on Sunday (27) on its official page that the news reaches the Brazilian market on April 8, with Pre-sales begin next Friday, April 1st.

On the iPhone 13 side, the Pro models will have the option in Alpine green, while the traditional 13 (6.1 inches, about 15.5 cm) and Mini models will be available in green – inside, iPhone 13 It has the same specifications as last year.

iPhone SE (2022) is distinguished by the presence of a file 5G network And the same processor as iPhone 13. cell phone It maintains the classic look of the iPhone, with the edges, and has a camera only on the back.

Below, mobile phone prices on Apple’s official website:

iPhone SE 2022 (4.7″ – 11.9 cm)

  • 64 GB – 4199 BRL
  • 128 GB – 4,699 BRL
  • 256 GB – R$5699

iPhone 13 mini (5.7 inch – 13.7 cm)

  • 128 GB – 6374 BRL
  • 256 GB – 7340 BRL
  • 512 GB – 9,272 BRL

iPhone 13 (6.1″ – 15.5cm)

  • 128 GB: R$ 7,599
  • 256 GB: R$8599
  • 512 GB: 10,599 BRL

iPhone 13 and iPhone Pro in green

Photo: Playback / Apple

iPhone 13 Pro (6.1″ – 15.5cm)

  • 128 GB: 9176 BRL
  • 256 GB: 10142 BRL
  • 512 GB: 12,074 BRL
  • 1 TB: 14006 BRL

iPhone 13 Pro Max (6.7″ – 17cm)

  • 128 GB: 10142 BRL
  • 256 GB: 11108 BRL
  • 512 GB: 13040 BRL
  • 1 TB: 14,972 BRL

What’s new in iPhone SE (2022)

The iPhone SE (2022) comes with the A15 Bionic processor, which is the same processor used in Apple’s latest mobile phone, the iPhone 13 line, which was announced in September 2021. So it contains the company’s latest chip. According to the company, the new device is up to 1.8 times faster than the iPhone 8.

Focusing on the increased installation of 5G networks, Apple has already launched the phone with compatibility with the technology. In Brazil, Anatel (the national communications agency) predicts that in the second half of this year, at least the capitals will already have the new connection.

The look of the iPhone SE is the same as the last iPhone SE released in 2020. The screen is 4.7 inches (11.9 cm diagonally from corner to corner) and the phone has large bezels.

Different colors for iPhone SE (2022) - Disclosure - Disclosure

Different colors for iPhone SE (2022)

Image: disclosure

Just like its 2020 sister, it has only a 12MP rear camera. On the front, there is a 7-megapixel selfie sensor.

The phone does not have a FaceID unlock feature, but it does have a physical button with a fingerprint reader (TouchID).

at Tests conducted by the international press, Most reviewers praised the iPhone SE for its good performance and battery life, despite its outdated look. The thing that was mentioned as a negative point is the lack of a night mode on the rear camera.

iPhone SE - Disclosure - Disclosure

iPhone SE (2022)

Image: disclosure

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