September 24, 2023

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Procon-JP wants information from phone companies about moving Oi customers |  Paraiba

Procon-JP wants information from phone companies about moving Oi customers | Paraiba

The Joao Pessoa Municipal Consumer Protection and Defense Department (Procon-JP) notified the telephone operators Oi, Claro, Vivo and Tim to explain how to conduct consumer contact in matters relating to the transportation of Oi customers, after the company was acquired by these telephone concession holders. Companies have 5 days to respond to Procon-JP.

The migration will be done gradually and the destination franchisor is determined by region, according to the region code of each line. In the case of Paraíba, OI customers will be transferred to Vivo, but Minister Rougger Guerra warns that no consumer is obligated to stay with the selected operator, and has the right to choose the destination of the transfer.

“You cannot deny the citizen’s right to choose to have the telephone services of the operator he wants, so the information at this moment is important and Procon-JP intends to accompany this entire relocation,” he noted.

According to a decision of the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) published in January of this year, operators must take a series of measures to prevent the customer from being harmed during transportation. Among them are the right to transfer at any time and the prohibition of automatic migration of loyalty or even the imposition of loyalty in a new contract by the company, as well as clear and detailed communication about the procedure for such migration.

Procon-JP stresses that notifying companies must explain what information they will contain in their official communication to clients. Companies will have to communicate basic information to customers about the provision of services and whether to maintain past contracts, offers and plans, for example. It is also important to know if there are any inconsistencies in the range of services offered by Oi and what the new operator is offering,” continues Rougger.

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Another explanation required by Procon-JP relates to the change in customer service channels and, if any, how the information for such changes will occur. Another important point refers to requests with consumer protection agencies and whether the new operator will respond to them.

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