June 20, 2024

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Rede D'Or withdrew from Alliar's takeover bid due to a "logical impossibility";  AALR3 share reduced to 10%

Rede D’Or withdrew from Alliar’s takeover bid due to a “logical impossibility”; AALR3 share reduced to 10%

The Ready Door Sao Luiz (RDOR3) informed last Monday evening (30) that its board of directors met and decided not to launch a voluntary public offering of the company (OPA) with a view to acquiring up to all shares issued by Centro de Diagnostics Image, Alliar (AALR3).

As a result, at 10:28 AM (Brazilian time), the assets of AALR3 were down by as much as 10.10% at R$13.71.

Rede D’Or justifies the withdrawal in light of the events that led to the “reasonable impossibility of a bid offer” for Alliar’s control and for the alteration of other OPA buildings.

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