June 16, 2024

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Revenue opens consultations on the new batch of IR استرداد refunds

Revenue opens consultations on the new batch of IR استرداد refunds

On Thursday, the Federal Revenue Administration opened consultations for the remaining payment to recover the amount of Income tax. More than 212,000 taxpayers who fell into the fine grid will receive a refund. In total, more than 210 million Brazilian reals will be transferred.

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The counseling takes place on the website of the Federal Revenue Service. On the “My Income Tax” tab, taxpayers check the refund amount. Another way is through the Revenue app.

Inquiry about refund

Refund refers to data from past years. Taxpayers who settled accounts with Assad must receive it. Payment starts on March 31st. Now you can just make the query and see how much you will get.

According to the IRS, taxpayers who have consulted a refund and are not on the payment list should contact a virtual taxpayer service center. This is the way to check the cause and also the pending issues that still prevent refunds.

When selected, the next step is to make a correction statement. The Reply It will only be, therefore, in the next batches released by revenue.

Payment of the refund falls into the account notified by the taxpayer during the declaration. As with other refunds, whoever has priority gets priority. Older adults over 80 years old, followed by people aged 60 to 79. Finally, people with disabilities or those with serious illnesses.

Refund must be made within one year after deposit. If this time has passed, the refund application must be submitted on the e-CAC portal of the Federal Revenue Service.

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In addition, those who have changed their accounts and need to change the destination of the refund, the amounts will be available at Banco do Brasil. Taxpayers can contact the Bank’s Relationship Center, or call 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other locations), and 0800-729-0088 (exclusively for the hearing impaired).