December 1, 2023

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The BBB 22 Leader test lasts for 6 hours of resistance;  Five pairs of TV news

The BBB 22 Leader test lasts for 6 hours of resistance; Five pairs of TV news

The trial of the sixth commander BBB 22 It requires endurance, attention and agility. The activity, which began on the live program on Globo at 0:03 a.m. Friday (25), lasted over six hours. Pairs can be eliminated due to giving up, error assembling the puzzle pointed at the screen, or for not meeting time.

Arthur Aguiar and Lucas Bisoli were the first to be knocked out and sent straight to the Wall. Eslovênia Marques and Linn da Quebrada then left the competition, followed by Giselean Alves, Natalia Deodato, Eliezer Neto and Vinicius Fernandez. Douglas Silva and Gustavo Marcingo were the fifth duo to leave the activity.

The dynamic week He decides that the first husband to leave the leader’s trial will be punished by the wall. Douglas And the Gustavo They were even wiped out, changing clothes at home, but after about half an hour they were told by the production that they had to come back. The two got it wrong, but on a test run.

After more than two hours into the competition, Arthur and Lucas left the feud for the lead because they put the puzzle together wrong. With more than four hours of activity, Eslovênia and Linn da Quebrada were eliminated for the same reason as the two brothers. Giselan and Natalia fumbled with every bit of the match and left after five hours of resistance.

With less time to assemble the puzzle, just minutes after Jesse and Natty were eliminated, Eliezer and Vinny also lost the race. Douglas and Gustavo also did not survive the quick timer. The teams following the race are: Jade Picon, Laís Caldas, Pedro Scooby and Paulo André.

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Larissa Tomásia .’s activity has been rejected For breaking his toe at the last party, while Tiago Abravanel He was left in the choice of doubles and ended up with him, too.

The contestants took some time to understand how the activity worked, which has an oversight: The best pair on the tour gets the right to rest on the sofa. After the first round, the system had technical problems, it had to be restarted and the race started again only at 0:24.

Live program winners will be dedicated on Friday (25th), when they must decide who will be the leader and who will receive immunity.

How is the BBB 22 Leader Test?

In the dispute, upon hearing the coin signal, the player on one side of the test field must disassemble the puzzle and transfer piece by piece to his partner. On the other side of the path, the second player receives the pieces and must assemble the puzzle according to the template displayed on the screen. Check what it removes below:

Only after the puzzle is assembled, the second player can press his button. The first player, who is the one to unlock the puzzle, can press his button at any time during the round. But be aware: both buttons must be pressed to finish the duo’s mission. The first pair to complete the task in time wins the right to rest on the sofa in the next round.

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