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Samuel reacts when he sees Pilar in danger

The next chapters of In the time of the emperorLove is still alive between Samuel (Michelle Gomez) and Pillar (Gabriela Medvedovsky). So much so that the engineer risks his life to save the doctor.

After the British ships attack Brazil, the population stands by Dom Pedro 2 (Silton Millau) is taking to the streets against the rival state. During the confusion, sister Dolores (Daphne Bozaski) sees a man being chased and puts his body in front of the stranger to prevent him from being stoned.


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stop this! Leave this guy aloneasks the young woman. However, her request was refused and she decided to confront the boy. “Want to fight the British? Join the army, into the navy! But you can’t attack people in the middle of the street“He says. “You know who frent“The man resists.”A man has not yet been born to command me‘, she answers.

Alarmed, the rebel tries to get the doctor out, but begins to suffer. That’s when Samuel sees the moment and steps into the mess, holding a piece of wood. “Leave her alone‘, commands the engineer, causing the boy to release her and run away. Worried that Pilar is twisting her foot, fiancé zilla Heslin Vieira holds her on her lap.

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