June 22, 2024

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Enquete A Fazenda 2021

Who should be on the reality show?

Tiago, Diane, Erica or Rico, who deserves to be on the show? The infantry competes for general preference, but one of them will still be lucky enough to return to headquarters wearing a farmer’s hat. Vote in the DCI Farm 2021 poll and tell us what you think about who should keep playing.

farm survey 2021

How was the garden formed?

Rico was a reference to Farmer of the Week, Gui Araujo. The previous leave with the former was the first participant to sit on the bench on Tuesday night (5/10). Then Erica took one of the seats in the hot seat, and the blonde was the most voted at night, nominated by 7 participants during training.

Since Erica was the loudest voice in the headquarters, she had the ability to pull someone from the booth. The dancer chose Tiago to take the seat beside her. When it came time to implement the Resta Um dynamic, the participants were surprised by the change. This week, the fourth game of the Rosero was decided by the power of the red flame, which ended up in the hands of Arcripiano. Ex-BBB sends Diane to the countryside.

As a fourth cultivator, Dayan had the right to veto anyone from the cultivator’s test. She chose the country singer, so she went straight to the farm.

Vote on who should leave

How do you vote?

The audience decides who will stay, to help someone with this vote it is necessary to go to the official Record website, R7. The official poll for The Farm 2021 will be released later today, during the live program on Wednesday (6), after someone wins between Rico, Diane and Erica in the farm dispute.

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Once you decide who has escaped the spotlight and who will vote, you can click on R7’s The Farm 2021 poll and choose who you want to save. The site does not require any type of login, so go there, click on the pawn or pawn you want to vote for and then go to the bot check by clicking on “I am human”. The final step is to confirm and wait for the system message telling you that your voice has been recorded.

Someone hasn’t escaped voting in the poll at A Fazenda 2021

Rico, Diane, or Erica can still say goodbye to the competition for audience preference. According to Record’s official schedule, today’s program starts at 10:45 p.m. next When the heart calls. The hat test will be live. When Tiago was rejected, the singer was confirmed in the hot third seat of the edition.

To watch, tune in to the Edir Macedo channel on TV or use the “On Air” tab in Playplus.

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