June 20, 2024

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The Farm 13: Victor Pecoraro shocks the live hosts with his comment on Rico, accusing him of homophobia; Watch

Fourth pawn to leave”farm 13“, Victor Pecoraro Participate, on Friday (15), in “Live Exclusion” led by Lucas Sylvie NS Lisbon people. During the conversation, the actor – who had disagreements with Rico Melquiades In confinement – he said the influencer would have been protected from accusations of virility because he was gay.

In the conversation, the former pawn criticized Rico’s behavior in the house towards women. “I will tell you something: if I were a man in his place, he would undoubtedly be considered a sexist. Now that he is gay, he was just seen as a man…”He said when Lucas interrupted him. “But isn’t a gay a man?”, challenged the presenter.

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Victor continued to show not knowing the difference between gender and sexual orientation: “Yes, but the weight of being gay is different from that of a man. They always put their hands on his head because of all he did, and the other people in the house, I won’t name the name, are seen as sexist by the comments”.

“Do you think this difference is due to orientation, is that it?”Saber Selfie. “I think there is a difference. For me, the attitudes he had towards women might have also gone too heavy side”Pecoraro argued. As he spoke, Lydia couldn’t hide her annoyance and looked at the camera in astonishment. Watch the excerpt:

On Twitter, Victor’s lines are not well recognized. Internet users even accused the boy of homophobia. “Victor said that if Rico was a man, the judgment for his actions would have been different. Corrected by Lucas Selfie, but he kept talking as if Rico wasn’t a man because he was gay. It’s complicated” Profile books. “This Victor collects every controversial line. “If Riku were a man.” And he is not? The same person who got upset when he saw two women kissing. This number is full of toxic people”Another complained.

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