September 30, 2023

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Fiat Strada ends 2021 as the best-selling car in Brazil - 01/08/2022 - Eduardo Sodré

Fiat Strada ends 2021 as the best-selling car in Brazil – 01/08/2022 – Eduardo Sodré

For the first time in the history of the national automobile industry, the pickup truck is the best-selling vehicle in Brazil. For Fiat St It reached the end of 2021 with 109,107 units sold, according to Fenabrave (an entity representing distributors of vehicles).

The tool had a waiting list of six months throughout the year, which did not prevent the release of new versions. The automatic option hit the market in November, with a CVT simulating seven gears and a flexible 1.3-liter (107 hp) engine.

The history of the model begins in 1998, when Fiat launched the new model based on the agreement paleo. The current generation is the first to feature a four-door body, something unheard of in the compact pickup segment.

It ranked second in sales Hyundai HB20, which sold 86,455 units in 2021. Another Fiat model, the Argo, appeared in third place (84,644), followed by the Jeep Renegade (73,913).

The Chevrolet Onyx ranked first between 2015 and 2020, with 73,623 licensed units. Production of the model was halted for about six months throughout 2021 due to problems with the supply of semiconductors.

By being able to better handle the scarcity of inputs, the Stellantis group stood out last year. Of the 10 best selling cars, six are Fiat and Jeep brands.

The French Pavilion of the company Multiple brands He’s also done well after some tough years. Citroen ended 2021 selling 23,351 units, an increase of 77% over 2020. At Peugeot, 29,531 license plates represented 126% growth last year.

A study by BASF proves what auto launches have shown: blue is gaining strength among the colors favored by the South American public, and the percentage of different colors available is 5% in 2021.

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However, black, white, silver and gray are still preferred options – which together account for 85% of the market.

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