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Silvio Santos’ nephew says he paid R0,000 for Patricia’s ransom – 08/21/2021

Silvio Santos’ nephew says he paid R$500,000 for Patricia’s ransom – 08/21/2021

20 years ago, television stations stopped to follow the developments of the kidnapping of Patricia Abravanel, the daughter of Silvio Santos. She was held in a special prison for a week, and the mystery surrounding the case remains to this day. Did the Abravanel family pay the kidnappers for Patricia’s release?

In an interview with UOLGuilherme Stolyar, nephew of Silvio Santos, confirmed that he mediated the negotiations. He says he went to meet the criminals and handed over a sum of money.

I don’t remember how much they asked, but we paid them roughly 500,000 BRL or something.

He says he does not remember exactly where he found the kidnappers. He details: “I went with the driver to a place that had been determined by them. I handed over the money.”


Stolyar recalls that negotiations took a long time and he began speaking directly to the kidnappers after a conversation with his uncle.

“Silvio told me what was going on and said he would need someone he trusted to negotiate with the kidnappers. I told him yes, I’m available,” he said.

Stolyar says he had to take over the negotiations for the bailout because it wasn’t easy for the SBT owner to handle this situation, which includes daughter #4.

That’s why I had to go through the negotiations, he was so excited to solve this problem and I had to help him. It’s very difficult,” he admits. Is there any trauma left over from what he went through two decades ago? No, replies Stolyar. Just fun to solve the problem.

After Patricia Abravanel is released, one of the kidnappers, Fernando Dutra Pinto, invades the mansion where the Abravanel family lives in Morumbi. Silvio Santos took himself hostage. The action even included the governor of São Paulo at the time, Geraldo Alcmin. Dutra Pinto was arrested and died in prison in 2002.

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