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Singer Luisa becomes emotional and is supported in the aftermath

Singer Luisa becomes emotional and is supported in the aftermath

Friends and family saying goodbye today country side Maurílio, at a ceremony in the city council of Imperatriz, the city where the artist was born, in Maranhão. Singer Louisa, the first voice of the duet with the singer, was present at the venue and moved and was supported by friends and her ex-boyfriend-BBB Marcela MC Joan.

And in a video published by the local newspaper “Imperatriz Informa”, Luisa appears alongside Marcela as well as Luana Ramos, Sertanejo’s widow. Friends and partners from remote areas also mourned the artist’s death on social media.

Sertanejo Maurílio, the duo of Luisa, was seen in Imperatriz, Maranhão

Maurelio, the second voice of the duo with Luisa, passed away yesterday, at the age of 28. He has been hospitalized in Goiania since the morning of 15 December He suffered three heart attacks After an illness while burning a DVD. he He was diagnosed with pulmonary thromboembolism He was even transferred from the hospital five days after his admission, But there was a significant deterioration in the situation..

He informed the singer’s crew in a note sent to splash.

According to Doctor Wandervan Azevedo, who has been closely following the artist’s condition, a lung infection forced the team to return to giving the antibiotics that had been discontinued. With exacerbations, the singer could not resist.

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Music career and duet with Luisa

Maurelio Delmont Ribeiro was born in Imperatres (Massachusetts) on February 15, 1993. It was in the same city that he met Luisa, with whom he was going to form a duo. Certanega which made him known throughout Brazil.

The singer from Minas Gerais went on vacation in Maranhão and this is how she met Maurelio. The second voice of the duo, they sang together for the first time at a party hosted by a friend of Louisa.

“On a friend’s birthday I invited him to go on stage with me. The collaboration was so good that we created the duo there. It worked!”

Before the duo officially formed with Luisa, Morelio studied accounting. But after the duo formed, they soon started singing together in bars in the southeastern region of Maranhão and Music came to the fore.

Their debut album – “Luiza e Maurílio Ao Vivo” – was released in 2017. The following year they recorded “Ao Vivo em Imperatriz”, a celebration of the city where Maurílio was born and where they met. The album “Segunda Dose” was released in 2019, and “Ensaio Acústico 2” in 2020.

The duo’s latest release was the song “No Dá Pra Continuar” in partnership with João Bosco and Vinícius. This year they also launched a partnership with Bagudero Delcino called “Para Em Mim de Novo”.

The big hit that revealed Luisa and Morelio to all of Brazil was the song “S de Saudade”, which was released as a single with Zé Neto and Cristiano in October 2019.

In the same year, they recorded together with the suffering queen Marilia Mendonca the song “Furando o Sinal” with Jorge (from the duo Jorge and Matthews) the song “Nêga”, with Gabriel Dinez the song “Beijinho de Brincadeira” and with Alcione “Let’s Go”. Luisa’s voice is completely compared to Marum’s, which made the samba dancer close to duo backwoods. In addition to its proximity to Maranhão, the birthplace of Maurelio and Alcion.

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Country singer Morelio, from a duet with Luisa, dies at 28 in Goiania

personal life

Maurelio, the son of Odessa Delmonte, used to talk about missing his mother, because with his career at Sertanejo he ended up moving to Goiania.

In addition to music, Morelio was also passionate about cycling and developed his hobby during the pandemic, while shows were on hold.

In November 2020, he scored his first bike path and thanked the team that accompanied him on this adventure. Maurelio does not leave children, but since he was a teenager, he dated vet Luana Ramos. They started the relationship in 2009.