May 19, 2024

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Talitha Polisi accuses director Regis Thunder of sexual and moral harassment

Talitha Polisi accuses director Regis Thunder of sexual and moral harassment

Actress Talytha Puglisi shared a report mentioning a complaint filed in January 2021. She claims she was subjected to moral and sexual harassment by theater director Regis Trovao Rodriguez.

Acting with Paolo Vilhena, Talitha Pugliese starred in the play “Toda a saudade do mundo”, directed by Regis, in September 2019. He published the first account shared by the actress about the harassment she was subjected to in January 2020, but without mentioning names.

I really regretted not mentioning the stalker’s name in a post I made because my husband, sister, and counselor said I didn’t have to. I was really angry because I did what I wanted. Obviously, I’m not over it. I’ve been talking about it this week because it’s something that still makes me very ill and it has left me feeling so violated. I want to leave this report here. I am upset by Regis Trovau, the director of the play.
Talitha Polissi

In the post in which she first reported the case, the artist highlighted that she was harassed by a man she “had great confidence in” after they worked together for four months.

He added in the video sequence, without mentioning names: “He sexually harassed me before that, which he reminded me of later, as well as the main actor in the play, who harassed me morally.”

NS UOL She contacted Régis Trovão Rodrigues to inquire about a position following the accusations, but had not received any comments until the publication of this memo.