June 23, 2024

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The arrival of the Corolla and the Corolla Cross in 2023 with news and at a higher cost

Is it already 2023 in Australia? No, but in Toyota yes. At least for the Corolla and Corolla Cross models, which change from year to year and acquire new features, which also raises their prices.

Since today (11) already available at Toyota dealerships, the Japanese brand’s mid-size duo arrives with prices starting at R$148,290 and R$161,990, respectively.

Corolla and Corolla Cross now have the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) active safety package, which was previously reserved only for hybrid versions of the two models.

This package includes adaptive cruise control, collision alert with obstruction detection and automatic braking, as well as automatic high beam.

Toyota Safety Sense also features Lane Keeping Alert and Lane Keeping Assist, which contribute to road safety.

In the case of the Corolla, the induction cell charger is now also available in Altis Premium and Altis Premium Hybrid versions.

Before that it was only available for the GR-S version. Another novelty in the sedan is the combination of front and rear parking sensors, now part of the Altis Hybrid, XEI and GLi versions.

The arrival of the Corolla and the Corolla Cross in 2023 with news and at a higher cost

In the Corolla Cross, the front parking sensor is now included in the package for the XR and XRE versions.

Toyota’s mid-size crossover received an updated instrument panel and on-board computer in the XRE and XRV hybrid versions, which adopt the same color scheme as the best-in-line XRX, which is also a flexible hybrid.

In 2021, Corolla sold 41,900 units, while Corolla Cross sold 34,253 copies. Leading the market for electrified cars with 54% of sales, the Toyota duo is farthest from the Yaris and Yaris sedan brothers.

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Both are equipped with a twin-injection 2.0-liter engine with up to 177 horsepower or a flex-fuel hybrid with a 1.8-liter engine with up to 101 horsepower, with another 72 horsepower, for a total of 123 horsepower.

Toyota Corolla 2023 and Corolla Cross 2023 – Prices

  • Corolla Cross XR – R$161,990 (pre-R$153,290)
  • Corolla Cross XRE – R$173,690 (prehistoric R$164,190)
  • Corolla Cross XRV Hybrid – 196,390 BRL (Prehistoric 189,490 SAR)
  • Corolla Cross XRX Hybrid – 204,329 BRL (pre 197,290 SAR)
  • Corolla GLi – R$148,290 (previously R$132,890)
  • Corolla XEi – R$154,690 (pre-era R$146,790)
  • Corolla Altis Premium – R$177,690 (Front Squeeze R$171,590)
  • Corolla GR-S – R$178,890 (before it was R$172,790)
  • Corolla Altis Hybrid – R$177,690 (before it was R$171,590)
  • Corolla Altis Hybrid Premium – R$ 187,190 (Prehistoric R$ 180,690)