June 23, 2024

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The best way to spend the extra money?

The Brazilians received the first batch of their thirteenth salary with an official contract on November 30. Payment is made in two installments, and the next installment must be paid by December 20th. With the extra money at the end of the year, which is the better option: spending or investing?

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First, it is necessary to consider the condition of each factor. After all, if you’re out of debt, with all of your bills up to date, the extra money can be good money to secure your holiday gifts. On the other hand, if you have bills to pay, the best thing is to clear the debt before the year is out.

Thirteenth salary: How do you spend it?

The first installment of the thirteenth salary is paid without deductions, that is, the worker receives the full amount. The second installment already has some discounts, so the value is lower. Those who already have more money in their accounts are not sure what to do.

Expert advice is to invest at least part of your thirteenth salary into fixed income. It is a safe way to invest and yields more returns than savings, i.e. it makes money pay off more. It could be, for example, the first step towards a reserve fund.

Additionally, the money saved can be added to other savings to buy a home, for example. But despite the advice, the scenario of the Brazilian economy makes investing far from the plans of many.

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After all, a large part of the budget is already devoted to basic expenses, which leaves very little for investment. Just to give you an idea, today in Brazil there are more than 62 million people with dirty names. That is, they need to channel money to keep their names clean.

For those in this situation, the best thing is to pay off the debt. If anything remains, start saving and then invest with new entries. The sooner you pay off debt, the better you’ll be to avoid high interest rates and a negative name.

Now if you have updated accounts and intend to invest, first check your investor profile. If only it were more conservative, and bold. All of this is important when deciding on the best investment.

For example, assets indexed according to the IPCA are more attractive, according to experts. In the financial market, there are fixed rate bonds, fixed post bonds, and hybrid bonds.