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The change in Petrobras is a hoax that Bolsonaro applies to himself - 04/15/2022

The change in Petrobras is a hoax that Bolsonaro applies to himself – 04/15/2022

In his inaugural address, the new president of Petrobras, José Mauro Coelho, outlined a readjustment peg strategy fuel In Brazil for fluctuations in the value of a barrel of oil abroad and the dollar exchange rate. It seemed certain: “Practicing market prices is a necessary condition for creating a competitive business environment, attracting investments, expanding the country’s infrastructure and ensuring supply.” Translate Asphalt into Portuguese: The price of petrol, diesel and cooking gas won’t drop like magic.

Nothing is happening in Petrobras, except for Bolsonaro’s efforts to give the impression that a lot is happening. Under the pretext of containing rising fuel prices, the president blatantly flogged two heads of the state-owned company. Last year, he decorated his memorial room with Chief Economist Roberto Castelo Branco, one of the patrons of Paulo Geddes. Now, the crest of General Joaquim Silva y Luna, a friend who presented himself as a solution to Petrobras’ “insensitivity”, was hung on the wall.

Castillo Branco e Silva and Luna adopted the same pricing policy that Mauro Coelho called “essential”. Soon, Bolsonaro will criticize the new president he appointed in Petrobras. He will repeat that he has no power over the state-owned company. Then, with scenographic relief, he would blame someone else. Bolsonaro is always someone’s victim.

The reelection campaign only reinforced Bolsonaro’s appreciation of the narcissism of failure. He glorifies his soul by outsourcing guilt. Everything sucks except the critic. Nobody equals anything else, the whistleblower.

Research published by Datafolha on March 28 revealed that the captain’s strategy is not working. For 68% of voters, Bolsonaro’s government is responsible for high fuel prices. The audience is not properly trained on The theater was inaugurated by the President by installing a revolving door at the headquarters of the largest state-owned company in the country.

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Petrobras has become a kind of self-deceiving Bolsonaro.